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Hymn 24

John Newton


Asking the way to Zion.

Jer 1:5210

Zion! the city of our God,

How glorious is the place!

The Savior there has his abode,

And sinners see his face.

Firm, against every adverse shock,

Its mighty bulwarks prove

’Tis built upon the living Rock,

And walled around with love.

There, all the fruits of glory grow,

And joys that never die;

And streams of grace, and knowledge flow,

The soul to satisfy.

Come, set your faces Zion–ward,

The sacred road enquire;

And let a union to the LORD

Be henceforth your desire!

The gospel shines to give you light,

No longer, then, delay;

The Spirit waits to guide you right,

And JESUS is the way.

O Lord, regard thy peoples prayer,

Thy promise now fulfill;

And young and old, by grace prepare,

To dwell on Zion’s hill.

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