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Hymn 23

John Newton


Waiting at Wisdom’s gates.

Prov 8:34,35209

Ensnared, too long, my heart has been

In folly’s hurtful ways;

O, may I now, at length, begin

To hear what Wisdom says!

’Tis JESUS, from the mercy–seat,

Invites me to his rest;

He calls poor sinners to his feet

To make them truly blest.

Approach my soul to Wisdom’s gates

While it is called today;

No one who watches there and waits

Shall e’er be turned away.

He will not let me seek in vain,

For all, who trust his word,

Shall everlasting life obtain,

And favor from the LORD.

LORD, I have hated thee too long,

And dared thee to thy face;

I’ve done my soul exceeding wrong

In slighting all thy grace.

Now I would break my league with death,

And live to thee alone;

O let thy Spirit’s seal of faith,

Secure me for thine own.

Let all the saints assembled here,

Yea, let all heav’n rejoice;

That I begin with this new–year,

To make the LORD my choice.

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