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Hymn 22

John Newton


The prayer of JABEZ.

1Chr 4:9,10207

Jesus, who bought us with his blood,

And makes our souls his care;

Was known of old as Israel’s GOD,

And answered Jabez’ prayer.

Jabez! a child of grief! the name

Befits poor sinners well;

For Jesus bore the cross and shame,

To save our souls from hell.

Teach us, O Lord, like him, to plead

For mercies from above;

O come, and bless our souls indeed,

With light, and joy, and love.

The gospel’s promised land is wide,

We fain would enter in;

But we are pressed, on every side,

With unbelief and sin.

Arise; O LORD, enlarge our coast,

Let us possess the whole;

That Satan may no longer boast

He can thy work control.

Oh, may thine hand be with us still,

Our Guide and Guardian be;

To keep us safe from every ill,

Till death shall set us free.

Help us on thee to cast our care,

And on thy word to rest;

That Israel’s God, who heareth prayer,

Will grant us our request.

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