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Hymn 21

John Newton


The Lord’s call to his children.

2Cor 6:17,18206

Let us adore the grace that seeks

To draw our hearts above!

Attend, ’tis God the Savior speaks,

And every word is love.

Though filled with awe, before his throne

Each angel veils his face;

He claims a people for his own

Amongst our sinful race.

Careless, awhile, they live in sin,

Enslaved to Satan’s pow’r;

But they obey the call divine,

In his appointed hour.

Come forth, he says, no more pursue

The paths that lead to death;

Look up, a bleeding Savior view,

Look, and be saved by faith.

My sons and daughters you shall be

Through the atoning blood;

And you shall claim, and find, in me,

A Father, and a God.”

Lord, speak these words to every heart,

By thine all–powerful voice;

That we may now from sin depart,

And make thy love our choice.

If now, we learn to seek thy face

By Christ, the living way;

We’ll praise thee for this hour of grace,

Through an eternal day.

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