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Hymn 20

John Newton


DAVID’s charge to SOLOMON.

1Chr 28:9205

O David’s Son, and David’s Lord!

From age to age thou art the same;

Thy gracious presence now afford,

And teach our youth to know thy name!

Thy people, LORD, though oft distressed,

Upheld by thee, thus far are come;

And now we long to see thy rest,

And wait thy word to call us home.

Like David, when this life shall end,

We trust in thee sure peace to find;

Like him, to thee we now commend

The children we must leave behind.

Ere long, we hope to be, where care,

And sin, and sorrow, never come

But O! accept our humble prayer,

That these may praise thee in our room.

Show them how vile they are by sin,

And wash them in thy cleansing blood;

O, make them willing to be thine,

And be, to them, a cov’nant God.

Long may thy light and truth remain

To bless this place, when we are gone;

And numbers here be born again,

To dwell for ever near thy throne.

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