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Hymn 66

John Newton



February 27, 1778.

Ex 17:9261

While Joshua led the armed bands.

Of Israel forth to war;

Moses apart with lifted hands

Engaged in humble prayer.

The armed bands had quickly failed,

And perished in the fight;

If Moses’ prayer had not prevailed

To put the foes to flight.

When Moses’ hands through weakness dropped,

The warriors fainted too;

Israel’s success at once was stopped,

And Am’lek bolder grew.

A people, always prone to boast,

Were taught by this suspense,

That not a num’rous armed host,

But God was their defence.

We now of fleets and armies vaunt,

And ships and men prepare;

But men like Moses most we want,

To save the state by prayer.

Yet, Lord, we hope thou hast prepared

A hidden few today;

(The nation’s secret strength and guard)

To weep, and mourn, and pray.

O hear their prayers and grant us aid,

Bid war and discord cease;

Heal the sad breach which sin has made,

And bless us all with peace.

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