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Hymn 27

John Newton


The milch kine drawing the ark:
Faith’s surrender of all

1Sam 6:1236

The kine unguided went

By the directest road;

When the Philistines homeward sent

The ark of Israel’s God.

Lowing they passed along,

And left their calves shut up;

They felt an instinct for their young,

But would not turn or stop.

Shall brutes, devoid of thought,

Their Maker’s will obey;

And we, who by his grace are taught,

More stubborn prove than they?

He shed his precious blood

To make us his alone;

If washed in that atoning flood

We are no more our own.

If he his will reveal,

Let us obey his call;

And think whate’er the flesh may feel,

His love deserves our all.

We should maintain in view

His glory, as our end;

Too much we cannot bear, or do,

For such a matchless friend.

His saints should stand prepared

In duty’s path to run;

Nor count their greatest trials hard,

So that his will be done.

With Jesus for our guide,

The path is safe though rough

The promise says, “I will provide,”

And faith replies, “Enough!”

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