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Hymn 35

John Newton


ELIJAH fed by ravens(s).

1Ki 17:647

Elijah’s example declares,

Whatever distress may betide;

The saints may commit all their cares

To him who will surely provide:

When rain long withheld from the earth

Occasioned a famine of bread;

The prophet, secure from the dearth,

By ravens was constantly fed.

More likely to rob than to feed,

Were ravens who live upon prey;

But when the Lord’s people have need,

His goodness will find out a way:

This instance to those may seem strange,

Who know not how faith can prevail;

But sooner all nature shall change,

Than one of God’s promises fail.

Nor is it a singular case,

The wonder is often renewed;

And many can say, to his praise,

He sends them by ravens their food:

Thus worldlings, though ravens indeed,

Though greedy and selfish their mind,

If God has a servant to feed,

Against their own wills can be kind. 22See also Book 3, Hymn 57

Thus Satan, that raven unclean,

Who croaks in the ears of the saints;

Compelled by a power unseen,

Administers oft to their wants:

God teaches them how to find food

From all the temptations they feel;

This raven, who thirsts for my blood,

Has helped me to many a meal.

How safe and how happy are they

Who on the good Shepherd rely!

He gives them out strength for their day,

Their wants he will surely supply:

He ravens and lions can tame,

All creatures obey his command;

Then let me rejoice in his name,

And leave all my cares in his hand.

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