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Hymn 34

John Newton


Queen of SHEBA

1Ki 10:1-945

From Sheba a distant report

Of Solomon’s glory and fame,

Invited the queen to his court,

But all was outdone when she came;

She cried, with a pleasing surprise,

When first she before him appeared,

“How much, what I see with my eyes,

“Surpasses the rumor I heard!”

When once to Jerusalem come,

The treasure and train she had brought;

The wealth she possessed at home,

No longer had place in her thought:

His house, his attendants, his throne,

All struck her with wonder and awe;

The glory of Solomon shone,

In every object she saw.

But Solomon most she admired,

Whose spirit conducted the whole;

His wisdom, which God had inspired,

His bounty and greatness of soul;

Of all the hard questions she put,

A ready solution he showed;

Exceeded her with and her suit,

And more than she asked him bestowed.

Thus I when the gospel proclaimed

The Savior’s great name in my ears,

The wisdom for which he is famed,

The love which to sinners he bears;

I longed, and I was not denied,

That I in his presence might bow;

I saw, and transported I cried,

“A greater than Solomon Thou!”

My conscience no comfort could find,

By doubt and hard questions opposed;

But He restored peace to my mind,

And answered each doubt I proposed:

Beholding me poor and distressed,

His bounty supplied all my wants;

My prayer could have never expressed

So much as this Solomon grants.

I heard, and was slow to believe,

But now with my eyes I behold,

Much more than my heart could conceive,

Or language could ever have told:

How happy thy servants must be,

Who always before thee appear!

Vouchsafe, LORD, this blessing to me,

I find it is good to be here.

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