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Hymn 49

John Newton


He led them by a right way.

Ps 107:7

When Israel was from Egypt freed,

The LORD, who brought them out,

Helped them in every time of need,

But led them round about.

Ex 13:17

To enter Canaan soon they hoped,

But quickly changed their mind;

When the Red Sea their passage stopped,

And Pharaoh marched behind.

The desert filled them with alarms,

For water and for food;

And Amalek, by force of arms,

To check their progress stood.

They often murmured by the way,

Because they judged by sight;

But were at length constrained to say,

The Lord had led them right.

In the Red Sea that stopped them first,

Their enemies were drowned;

The rocks gave water for their thirst,

And Manna spread the ground.

By fire and cloud their way was shown,

Across the pathless sands;

And Amalek was overthrown,

By Moses’ lifted hands.

The way was right their hearts to prove,

To make GOD’S glory known;


And show his wisdom, pow’r and love,

Engaged to save his own.

Just so the true believer’s path

Through many dangers lies;

Though dark to sense, ’tis right to faith,

And leads us to the skies.

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