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Hymn 48

John Newton


The believer’s safety.

Ps 91

That man no guard or weapons needs,

Whose heart the blood of JESUS knows;

But safe may pass, if duty leads,

Through burning sands or mountain snows.

Released from guilt he feels no fear,

Redemption is his shield and tow’r;

He sees his Savior always near

To help, in every trying hour.

Though I am weak and Satan strong,

And often to assault me tries;

When Jesus is my shield and song,

Abashed the wolf before me flies.

His love possessing I am blest,

Secure whatever change may come;

Whether I go to East or West,

With him I still shall be at home.

If placed beneath the northern pole,

Though winter reigns with rigor there;

His gracious beams would cheer my soul,

And make a spring throughout the year.

Or if the deserts sun–burnt soil,

My lonely dwelling e’er should prove;

His presence would support my toil,

Whose smile is life, whose voice is love.

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