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Hymn 107

John Newton



Lk 19:1-6

Zaccheus climbed the tree,

And thought himself unknown;

But how surprised was he

When JESUS called him down!

The LORD beheld him, though concealed,

And by a word his pow’r revealed.

Wonder and joy at once

Were painted in his face;

Does he my name pronounce?

And does he know my case?

Will Jesus deign with me to dine?

Lord, I, with all I have, am thine!

Thus where the gospel’s preached,

And sinners come to hear;

The hearts of some are reached

Before they are aware:


The word directly speaks to them,

And seems to point them out by name.

’Tis curiosity

Oft brings them in the way,

Only the man to see,

And hear what he can say;

But how the sinner starts to find

The preacher knows his inmost mind.

His long forgotten faults

Are brought again in view,

And all his secret thoughts

Revealed in public too:

Though compassed with a crowd about,

The searching word has found him out.

While thus distressing pain

And sorrow fills his heart,

He hears a voice again,

That bids his fears depart:

Then like Zaccheus he is blest,

And JESUS deigns to be his guest.

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