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Hymn 105

John Newton


The rich man and LAZARUS.

Lk 16:19-25131

A Worldling spent each day

In luxury and state;

While a believer lay,

A beggar at his gate:

Think not the LORD’S appointments strange,

Death made a great and lasting change.

Death brought the saint release

From want, disease, and scorn;

And to the land of peace,

His soul, by angels borne,

In Abraham’s bosom safely placed,

Enjoys an everlasting feast.

The rich man also died,

And in a moment fell

From all his pomp and pride

Into the flames of hell:

The beggar’s bliss from far beheld,

His soul with double anguish filled.

“O Abram send, he cries,

(But his request was vain)

The beggar from the skies

To mitigate my pain!

One drop of water I entreat,

To soothe my tongue’s tormenting heat.”

Let all who worldly pelf,

And worldly spirits have,

Observe, each for himself,

The answer Abram gave:

“Remember, thou wast filled with good,

While the poor beggar pined for food.

Neglected at thy door

With tears he begged his bread;

But now, he weeps no more,

His griefs and pains are fled:

His joys eternally will flow,

While thine expire in endless woe.”

LORD, make us truly wise,

To choose thy peoples’ lot;

And earthly joys despise,

Which soon will be forgot:

The greatest evil we can fear,

Is to possess our portion here!

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