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Hymn 19

John Newton


The true AARON

Lev 8:7-926

See Aaron, God’s anointed priest,

Within the veil appear;

In robes of mystic meaning dressed,

Presenting Israel’s prayer.

The plate of gold which crowns his brows,

His holiness describes;

His breast displays, in shining rows,

The names of all the tribes.

With the atoning blood he stands,

Before the mercy–seat;

And clouds of incense from his hands,

Arise with odor sweet.

Urim and Thummim near his heart,

In rich engravings worn;

The sacred light of truth impart,

To teach and to adorn.

Through him the eye of faith descries,

A greater Priest than he;

Thus JESUS pleads above the skies,

For you, my friends, and me.

He bears the names of all his saints,

Deep on his heart engraved;

Attentive to the state and wants

Of all his love has saved.

In him a holiness complete,

Light and perfections shine;

And wisdom, grace, and glory meet;

A Savior all divine.

The blood, which as a Priest he bears

For sinners, is his own

The incense of his prayers and tears

Perfume the holy throne.

In him my weary soul has rest,

Though I am weak and vile

I read my name upon his breast,

And see the Father smile.

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