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Hymn 114

John Newton


The disciples at sea 1616See also Book 2, Hymn 87

Jn 6:16-21

Constrained by their LORD to embark,

And venture, without him, to sea;

The season tempestuous and dark,

How grieved the disciples must be!

142 But though he remained on the shore,

He spent the night for them in prayer;

They still were as safe as before,

And equally under his care.

They strove, though in vain, for a while,

The force of the waves to withstand;

But when they were wearied with toil,

They saw their dear Savior at hand:

They gladly received him on board,

His presence their spirits revived;

The sea became calm at his word,

And soon at their port they arrived.

We, like the disciples, are tossed

By storms, on a perilous deep;

But cannot be possibly lost,

For Jesus has charge of the ship:

Though billows and winds are enraged,

And threaten to make us their sport;

This pilot his word has engaged

To bring us, in safety, to port.

If sometimes we struggle alone,

And he is withdrawn from our view;

It makes us more willing to own,

We nothing, without him, can do:

Then Satan our hopes would assail,

But JESUS is still within call;

And when our poor efforts quite fail,

He comes in good time and does all.

Yet, Lord, we are ready to shrink.

Unless we thy presence perceive;

O save us (we cry) or we sink,

We would, but we cannot believe

143 The night has been long and severe,

The winds and the seas are still high;

Dear Savior, this moment appear,

And say to our souls, “It is I!” 1717See also Book 3, Hymn 18

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