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Hymn 140

John Newton



Rev 3:14-20

Hear what the Lord, the great Amen,

The true and faithful Witness says!

He formed the vast creation’s plan,

And searches all our hearts and ways.

To some he speaks as once of old,

“I know thee, thy profession’s vain;

Since thou art neither hot nor cold,

I’ll spit thee from me with disdain.

Thou boasteth, “I am wise and rich,

Increased in goods and nothing need;”

And dost not know thou art a wretch,

Naked and poor, and blind and dead.

Yet while I thus rebuke, I love,

My message is in mercy sent;

That thou may’st my compassion prove,

I can forgive, if thou repent.

Wouldst thou be truly rich and wise?

Come, buy my gold in fire well tried,

My ointment to anoint thine eyes,

My robe, thy nakedness to hide.

See at thy door I stand and knock!

Poor sinner, shall I wait in vain?

174 Quickly thy stubborn heart unlock,

That I may enter with my train.

Thou canst not entertain a king,

Unworthy thou of such a guest!

But I my own provisions bring,

To make thy soul a heavenly feast.”

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