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Hymn 138

William Cowper



Rev 3:1-6

“Write to Sardis, saith the Lord,

And write what He declares;

He whose Spirit, and whose word,

Upholds the seven stars:

All thy works and ways I search,

Find thy zeal and love decayed;

Thou art called a living church,

But thou art cold and dead.

Watch, remember, seek and strive,

Exert thy former pains;

Let thy timely care revive,

And strengthen what remains:

Cleanse thine heart, thy works amend:

Former times to mind recall;

Lest my sudden stroke descend,

And smite thee once for all.

Yet I number now, in thee,

A few that are upright;

These my Father’s face shall see,

And walk with me in white:

172 When in judgment I appear,

They for mine shall be confessed;

Let my faithful servants hear,

And woe be to the rest.

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