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Hymn 133

John Newton


The word quick and powerful.

Heb 4:12,13166

The word of CHRIST, our Lord,

With whom we have to do;

Is sharper than a two–edged sword,

To pierce the sinner through.

Swift as the lightnings blaze

When aweful thunders roll,

It fills the conscience with amaze,

And penetrates the soul.

No heart can he concealed

From his all–piercing eyes;

Each thought and purpose stands revealed,

Naked, without disguise.

He sees his peoples’ fears,

He notes their mournful cry;

He counts their sighs and falling tears,

And helps them from on high.

Though feeble is their good,

It has his kind regard;

Yea, all they would do, if they could,

1Ki 8:18

Shall find a sure reward.

He sees the wicked too,

And will repay them soon,

For all the evil deeds they do,

And all they would have done.

Mt 5:28

Since all our secret ways

Are marked and known by thee;

Afford us, Lord, thy light of grace

That we ourselves may see.

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