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Hymn 15

John Newton



Ex 16:1821

Manna to Israel well supplied

The want of other bread;

While God is able to provide,

His people shall be fed.

(Thus though the corn and wine should fail,

And creature–streams be dry;

The prayer of faith will still prevail,

For blessings from on high.)

Of his kind care how sweet a proof!

It suited every taste;

Who gathered most, had just enough,

Enough, who gathered least.

’Tis thus our gracious Lord provides

Our comforts and our cares;

His own unerring hand provides,

And gives us each our shares.

He knows how much the weak can bear,

And helps them when they cry;

The strongest have no strength to spare,

For such he’ll strongly try.

Daily they saw the Manna come,

And cover all the ground;

But what they tried to keep at home,

Corrupted soon was found.

Vain their attempt to store it up,

This was to tempt the Lord;

Israel must live by faith and hope,

And not upon a hoard.

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