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Hymn 122

John Newton


PETER released from prison.

Acts 12:5-8152

Fervent persevering prayers

Are faith’s assured resource,

Brazen gates, and iron bars,

In vain withstand their force:

Peter when in prison cast,

Though by soldiers kept with care;

Though the doors were bolted fast,

Was soon released by prayer.

While he slept an angel came

And spread a light around;

Touched, and called him by his name,

And raised him from the ground:

All his chains and fetters burst,

Every door wide open flew;

Peter thought he dreamed, at first,

But found the vision true.

Thus the LORD can make a way

To bring his saints relief;

’Tis their part, to wait and pray,

In spite of unbelief:

He can break through walls of stone,

Sink the mountain to a plain;

They, to whom his name is known;

Can never pray in vain.

Thus in chains of guilt and sin,

Poor sinners sleeping lie;

No alarm is felt within,

Although condemned to die:

Till descending from above

(Mercy smiling in his eyes)

Jesus, with a voice of love,

Awakes, and bids them rise.

Glad the summons they obey,

And liberty desire;

Strait their fetters melt away,

Like wax before the fire:

By the word of him who died,

Guilty pris’ners to release;

Every door flies open wide,

And they depart in peace.

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