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I HAVE sought, in this fourth edition, to improve as far as I could, both the matter and form of the work; but do not deem it necessary to add any thing to what has been said in former prefaces upon my mode of treating the subject. I have thought it best, in spite of a desire to economize space, to republish those prefaces; adding here and there a remark called for by the relations of the times, which I should have otherwise put into a separate preface. Although I would willingly have buried in oblivion the unpleasant personal allusions (contained in the second preface) to a man whom I honour and esteem, I have considered it necessary to republish it, in view of the truths which it contains, and their bearing upon the times.

And now let my book, with the blessing of God, enter anew among the strifes of the age; standing in the midst of which, I shall not suffer myself to be shaken or perplexed by the “τὰ ἐν μέσῳ ἀμφοτέρωθεν κτείνεται.”


Berlin, 3d August, 1845.

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