–General scriptures concerning Pr 15:1; 25:15

–In preaching 1Co 9:19-22; 2Co 12:6

–Of Gideon Jud 8:1-3

–Of Saul, in managing malcontents 1Sa 10:27; 11:7,12-15

–Nabal’ s wife 1Sa 25:18-37

–In David’ s popular methods

.In mourning for Abner 2Sa 3:28-37

.In organizing the temple music 1Ch 15:16-24

.In securing popular consent to bringing the ark of the covenant to Jerusalem 1Ch 13:1-4

–Joab’ s trick in obtaining David’ s consent to the return of Absalom 2Sa 14:1-22

–The wise woman of Abel 2Sa 20:16-22

–Solomon, in arbitrating between the prostitutes 1Ki 3:24-28

–Mordecai, in concealing Esther’ s nationality Es 2:10

–Esther, in placating the king Es 5:7


.In circumcising Timothy Ac 16:3

.In turning the preaching of his adversaries to advantage Php 1:10-22

.In stimulating benevolent giving 2Co 8:1-8; 9:1-5

.In putting the two religious factions of the Jews against each other when he was in trouble Ac 23:6-10

–The town clerk of Ephesus Ac 19:35-41

–The group decision at Jerusalem Ac 21:20-25

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