–1. The governor of Ahab’s house

.Conceals one-hundred prophets persecuted by Jezebel in a cave 1Ki 18:3,4

.Meets Elijah and receives a commission from him 1Ki 18:3-16

–2. Head of a family 1Ch 3:21

–3. A descendant of Tola 1Ch 7:3

–4. Son of Azel 1Ch 8:38; 9:44

–5. A Levite 1Ch 9:16

–6. A Gadite warrior who joined David at Ziklag 1Ch 12:9

–7. Father of Ishmaiah 1Ch 27:19

–8. A prince of Judah who instructed the people in the law 2Ch 17:7-9

–9. A Levite

.One of the overseers in the repairing of the temple by Josiah 2Ch 34:12

–10. A descendant of Joab who returned from Babylon Ezr 8:9

–11. A priest who sealed a covenant with Nehemiah to observe God’s law Ne 10:5

–12. A gatekeeper of Jerusalem, under Nehemiah Ne 12:25

–13. A prophet who prophesied the destruction of Edom Ob 1:1

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