–1. A city of the territory of the tribe of Asher Jos 19:28

–2. A city of the tribe of Judah, south of Jerusalem

.When built Nu 13:22

.Fortified 2Ch 11:10

.Called KIRJATH-ARBA Ge 23:2

.ARBA Ge 35:27; Jos 15:13

.Abraham lived there and Sarah died at Ge 23:2

.Hoham, king of, confederated with other kings of the Canaanites against Joshua Jos 10:3-39

.Descendants of the Anakim live at Nu 13:22; Jos 11:21

.Conquest of, by Caleb Jos 14:6-15; Jud 1:10,20

.A city of refuge Jos 20:7; 21:11,13

.David crowned king of Judah at 2Sa 2:1-11; 3

.David crowned king of Israel at 2Sa 5:1-5

.The burial place of Sarah Ge 23:2

.The burial place of Abner 2Sa 3:32

.The burial place of Ish-bosheth 2Sa 4:12

.The conspirators against Ish-bosheth hanged at 2Sa 4:12

.Absalom made king at 2Sa 15:9,10

.Jews of the Babylonian captivity lived at Ne 11:25

.Pool of 2Sa 4:12

–3. Son of Kohath Ex 6:18; Nu 3:19; 1Ch 6:2,18; 23:12,19

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