–A Levite and son of Amram Ex 2:1-4; 6:20; Ac 7:20; Heb 11:23

–Hidden in a small basket Ex 2:3

–Discovered and adopted by the daughter of Pharaoh Ex 2:5-10

–Learned in all the wisdom of Egypt Ac 7:22

–His loyalty to his race Heb 11:24-26

–Takes the life of an Egyptian taskmaster; flees from Egypt; finds refuge among the Midianites Ex 2:11-22; Ac 7:24-29

–Joins himself to Jethro, priest of Midian; marries his daughter Zipporah; has one son, Gershom Ex 2:15-22

–Is a herdsman for Jethro in the desert of Horeb Ex 3:1

–Has the vision of the burning bush Ex 3:2-6

–God reveals to him his purpose to deliver the Israelites and bring them into the land of Canaan Ex 3:7-10

–Commissioned as leader of the Israelites Ex 3:10-22; 6:13

–His rod miraculously turned into a serpent, and his hand was made leprous, and then restored Ex 4:1-9,28

–With his wife and sons, he leaves Jethro to perform his mission in Egypt Ex 4:18-20

–His controversy with his wife on account of circumcision Ex 4:20-26

–Meets Aaron in the wilderness Ex 4:27,28

–With Aaron assembles the leaders of Israel Ex 4:29-31

–Along with Aaron, Moses goes before Pharaoh and demands the liberties of his people in the name of Jehovah Ex 5:1

–Rejected by Pharaoh; hardships of the Israelites increased Ex 5

–People complain against Moses and Aaron Ex 5:20,21; 15:24; 16:2,3; 17:2,3; Nu 14:2-4; 16:41; 20:2-5; 21:4-6; De 1:12,26-28


–Receives comfort and assurance from the Lord Ex 6:1-8

–Unbelief of the people Ex 6:9

–Renews his appeal to Pharaoh Ex 6:11

–Under divine direction brings plagues upon the land of Egypt Ex 7; 8; 9; 10; 11; 12

–Secures the deliverance of the people and leads them out of Egypt Ex 13

–Crosses the Red Sea; Pharaoh and his army are destroyed Ex 14

–Composes a song for the people of Israel on their deliverance from Pharaoh Ex 15

–Joined by his family in the wilderness Ex 18:1-12

–Institutes a system of government Ex 18:13-26; Nu 11:16-30; De 1:9-18

–Receives the law and ordains various statutes


–Face of, transfigured Ex 34:29-35; 2Co 3:13

–Sets up the tabernacle -See TABERNACLE

–Reproves Aaron for

.Making the golden calf Ex 32:22,23

.Irregularity in the offerings Le 10:16-20

–Jealousy of Aaron and Miriam toward Nu 12

–Rebellion of Korah, Dathan, and Abiram against Nu 16

–Appoints Joshua as his successor Nu 27:22,23; De 31:7,8,14,23; 34:9

–Not permitted to enter Canaan, but views the land from atop Mount Pisgah Nu 27:12-14; De 1:37; 3:23-29; 32:48-52; 34:1-8

–Death and burial of Nu 31:2; De 32:50; 34:1-6

–Body of, disputed over Jude 1:9

–120 Years old at death De 31:2

–Mourning for, thirty days in the plains of Moab De 34:8

–His virility De 31:2; 34:7

–Present with Jesus on the Mount of Transfiguration Mt 17:3,4; Mr 9:4; Lu 9:30

–A type of the Messiah De 18:15-18; Ac 3:22; 7:37


.Upon the people Le 9:23; Nu 10:35,36; De 1:11

.Last benediction upon the twelve tribes De 33


.Complainings of Ex 5:22,23; Nu 11:10-15

.Impatience of Ex 5:22,23; 6:12; 32:19; Nu 11:10-15; 16:15; 20:10; 31:14

.Respected and feared Ex 33:8

.Faith of Nu 10:29; De 9:1-3; Heb 11:23-28

.Called the man of God De 33:1

.God spoke to, as a man to his friend Ex 33:11

.Magnified of God Ex 19:9; Nu 14:12-20; De 9:13-29; with Ex 32:30

.Magnanimity of, toward Eldad and Medad Nu 11:29

.Meekness of Ex 14:13,14; 15:24,25; 16:2,3,7,8; Nu 12:3; 16:4-11

.Obedience of Ex 7:6; 40:16,19,21

.Unaspiring Nu 14:12-20; De 9:13-29; with Ex 32:30







–PROPHECIES OF Ex 3:10; 4:5,11,12; 6:13; 7:2; 17:16; 19:3-9; 33:11; Nu 11:17; 12:7,8; 36:13; De 1:3; 5:31; 18:15,18; 34:10,12; Ho 12:13; Mr 7:9,10; Ac 7:37,38

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