–General scriptures concerning Isa 65:5; Mr 2:16; Lu 9:49,50; 15:2; 18:9-14; Ac 10:28,45; 18:12,13

–PAUL’S ARGUMENT AGAINST Ro 3:1-23; 4:1-16,23-25


.Joshua, through envy, seeking to suppress Eldad and Medad, who were prophesying Nu 11:27-29

.Jews with regard to the Samaritans Joh 4:9,27

.In rejecting the teachings of Jesus at Nazareth Lu 4:28

.Falsely accusing Jesus of blasphemy Joh 5:18

.Of being a gluttonous man and a winebibber (a wino) Mt 11:18,19

.Of keeping company with sinners Lu 7:39; 15:2; 19:5-7

.Of not conforming to the traditions Lu 11:38,39

.In their treatment of the young man who was born blind, whom Jesus restored to sight Joh 9:28,29,34

.With regard to Paul’s preaching Ac 21:28,29; 22:22

.Of the Samaritans in refusing to receive Jesus Lu 9:52,53

.Of the disciples in forbidding children to be brought to Jesus Mt 19:13; Mr 10:13; Lu 18:15

.Of the early Christians

In opposing the preaching of the gospel to the Gentiles Ac 10:45; 11:2,3; 21:20-25

In regard to circumcision Ac 15:1-10,24; Ga 2:3-5

.In zeal Ro 10:2,3

.In persecutions 1Th 2:15,16

.Of John in forbidding the casting out of demons by one who did not follow Jesus Mr 9:38-40; Lu 9:49,50

.James and John in desiring to call down fire upon the Samaritans who would not receive Jesus Lu 9:51-56

.Of Saul, in persecuting the Christians Ac 22:3,4; with 9:1-5; 26:9; Ga 1:13,14; Php 3:6




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