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IX. The Cup of Blessing

The cup of blessing which we bless. -- 1 Corinthians 10:16. 11 The Dutch version has: The cup of thanksgiving which we bless with thanksgiving. -- Translator

The, Lords Supper is properly a feast of thanksgiving. When He had given thanks, He brake the bread. In like manner He took the cup, and, when He had given thanks, He gave it to them. And after partaking of the Supper, it was when they had sung an hymn, that they went out to the Mount of Olives. From Jewish writers, we also learn that the third cup of the Paschal feast, which was sanctified as the cup of the New Covenant, bore the name of the Cup of Thanksgiving, and that it was while it was being drunk that Psalms 116-118 were sung.

The Supper is a solemnity of redemption, the feast of the redeemed, a joyful repast at which God Himself says to us: Let us eat and be merry; a thanksgiving banquet at which is heard a prelude of the song of the Lamb. Let me ask grace to sit down joyfully and thankfully.

So shall I honor God. He that offereth praise glorifieth Me. God is too little honored by His people. A joyful, thankful Christian shows that God can make those that serve Him truly happy. He stirs up others to praise God along with him.

So shall I enjoy the Supper aright. Sadness cannot eat; a joyful heart enjoys food. To be thankful for what I have received and for what my Lord has prepared, is the surest way to receive more.

So shall I be strengthened for conflict and for victory. Thanks be to God, who always causeth us to triumph in Christ. Thanks be to God, who giveth us the victory, through our Lord Jesus Christ. If my Saviour went singing from the Lords Table to the conflict in Gethsemane, may I, in the joy of His redemption, follow Him with thanksgiving into every conflict to which He calls me.

So shall the Spirit of heaven dwell in my heart. The nearer to the throne of God the more thanksgiving. This I see in the Revelation. In heaven they praise God day and night: a Lords Supper pervaded by the spirit of thanksgiving is a foretaste of it.

And thou hast good cause to be thankful, O my soul. Look at Jesus, at His blood, at His redemption, at His love, at His blessed fellowship; and let all that is within thee praise Him. Drink, yea, drink abundantly, of the cup of thanksgiving, which we drink, giving thanks.

Blessed Lord, my Redeemer and my Friend, humbly I pray Thee: let my mouth be filled with Thy praise, all the day with Thy glory. Thou art in very truth our strength and song, for Thou hast become our salvation. Lord, teach me this day to take and drink the cup with thanksgiving, and to be joyful before Thy face. For this end, Thou hast only to unveil Thyself to me in the love that streams from Thy countenance, and the glorious redemption which Thou bringest, and my soul shall be suffused with joy. Is it not just for this end that thou didst institute the Supper? Precious Saviour, with thanksgiving shall I take the cup into my hand, in the blessed assurance that Thou wilt fill me with Thy love, my heart with Thy joy, my mouth with Thy praise. Praise the Lord, my soul, who satisfiest thy mouth with good things. Amen.

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