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Tis none of my intention to Discourse in this subject by the way of Humane Respect or Passion, nor to defend hard Controversies, nor promote my own Opinions; and though I have Written this short Treatise at the continual ingagements and instances of Zealous Persons, yet God’s greater Glory, and the Spiritual advantage of Souls, have been my only desire: Nor is it any less my design, that by this Treatise and these Reasons, the Faithful should govern themselves in the business of frequent Communion, without the Prudent and Holy Counsel of their Spiritual Fathers; because I always look upon it more fitting to obey their Orders, though it should hinder the Communion, than to communicate every day according to their own Sense and Judgment. This Compendium of the Reasons and Authorities of Councils, Saints, and Doctors, is only drawn up a-purpose, that Confessors may see the small reason there is to hinder those Souls from taking the Communion, which desire it, receive good by it, and are obedient to their Directions.




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