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Pursues the same Matter.


104. Thou must know that in this unspeakable Sacrament, Christ is united with the Soul, is made one thing with it, whose fineness and purity is the most profound and admirable, and the most worthy of consideration and thanks. Great was the pureness of him in being made Man; greater that of dying ignominiously on the Cross for our sake, but the giving of himself whole and entire to man in this admirable Sacrament, admits no comparison: This is singular favour, and infinite pureness: because there is no more to give; no more to receive. O that we could but comprehend him! O that we could but know him.

105. That God being what he is, should be communicated to my Soul! that God should be willing to make a reciprocalty of union with it, which of it self is meer misery! O Souls, if we could but feed our selves at this Heavenly Table! O that we could scorch our selves at this burning fire! O that we could become one and the same spirit with this Soveraign Lord! who withholds us? who deceives us? who takes us off from burning like Salamanders, in the Divine fire of this holy Table?

106. ‘Tis true, O Lord, that thou entrest into me a miserable creature, but true also it is, that thou at the same time remainest in thy glory and brightness, and in thy self. Receive me therefore O my Jesus, in thy self, in thy beauty and Majesty. I am infinitely glad that the vileness of my Soul cannot prejudice thy beauty: thou entrest therefore into me, without going out of thy self; thou livest in the midst of thy brightness and magnificence, tho’ thou art in my darkness and misery.

107. O my Soul, how great is thy vileness! (Job 7 Chap.) how great thy poverty! what is man, Lord, that thou art so mindful of him? that thou visitest him and makest him great? What is man, that thou puttest such an esteem upon him, being willing to have thy delights with him and dwell personally with thy greatnesses in him? how, O Lord, can a miserable creature receive an infinite Majesty? humble thy self, O my soul, to the very depth of nothing, confess thy unworthiness, look upon thy misery, and acknowledge the wonders of the Divine Love, which suffers it self to be mean in this incomprehensible Mystery, that it may be communicated and united with thee.

108. O the greatness of love, which the amiable Jesus is, in a small host? who is there subject in some manner to man, giving himself whole and sacrificing himself for him to the Eternal Father! O Soveraign Lord, keep back my heart strongly, that it may never more return to its imperfect liberty, but all annihilated may die to the world, and remain united with thee.

109. If thou would’st get all Vertues in the highest degree, come blessed Soul, come with frequency to this most holy Table; for there they do all dwell. Eat, O my Soul, of this Heavenly Food, eat and continue, come with humility, come with Faith to feed of this White and Divine Bread: for this is the Mark of Souls, and from hence Love draws its Arrows, saying, Come, O Soul, and eat this savoury Food, if thou would’st get Purity, Charity, Chastity, Light, Strength, Perfection and Peace.


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