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The Apocalyptical Key. The synchronism and order of the Apocalyptical Prophecies, according to the things transacted, on no hypothetical interpretation, nor preconjecture about the events; but firmly demonstrated from the very characters of the visions themselves, purposely inserted by the Holy Spirit, and offered to examination according to a self-evident scheme: so that it may prove, as it were, a Thesean clew to those who are involved in this sacred labyrinth, and a Lydian stone to discover the true, and to refute every erroneous interpretation.

A Commentary on the Revelation of Saint John According to the Rule of the Apocalyptical Key.

The First Part. Of the Apocalyptical Commentaries, according to the Rule of the Apocalyptical Key, on the First Prophecy which is contained in the Seals and Trumpets; with an Introduction concerning the Scene of the Apocalypse.

The Vision. Of the Company of the Servants of God, or of the elect and faithful Church to be preserved under the ruins of the Seventh Seal, or of the Trumpets, exhibited under the type of the one hundred and forty-four thousand sealed out of all the tribes of Israel, at the beginning of the Seventh Seal.

The Meaning of the Seventh Seal, that is, of the Seven Trumpets.

The Interprtation. Of the Little Book, or, of the other System of Apocalyptical Visions, according to the Rule of the Apocalyptical Key.


The Fall of Antichrist, Or the meaning of the Seven Phials, as far as we are yet permitted to understand it.

The Opinions Of the Hebrew Doctors on the great Day of Judgment, and of the Reign of the Messiah then to come.


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