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Note from John Bechard, creator of this Electronic text.


The following is a list of Scottish words which are found in George MacDonald’s “David Elginbrod”.  I have compiled this list myself and worked out the definitions from context with the help of Margaret West, from Leven in Fife, Scotland, and also by referring to a word list found in a collection of poems by Robert Burns, “Chamber’s Scots Dialect Dictionary from the 17th century to the Present” c. 1911 and “Scots-English English-Scots Dictionary” Lomond Books c. 1998.  I have tried to be as thorough as possible given the limited resources and welcome any feedback on this list which may be wrong (my e-mail address is  This was never meant to be a comprehensive list of the National Scottish Language, but rather an aid to understanding some of the conversations and references in this text in the Broad Scots.  I do apologise for any mistakes or omissions.  I aimed for my list to be very comprehensive, and it often repeats the same word in a plural or diminutive form.  As well, it includes words that are quite obvious to native English speakers, only spelled in such a way to demonstrate the regional pronunciation.


This list is a compressed form that consists of three columns for ‘word’, ‘definition’, and ‘additional notes’.  It is set up with a comma between each item and a hard return at the end of each definition.  This means that this section could easily be cut and pasted into its own text file and imported into a database or spreadsheet as a comma separated variable file (.csv file).  Failing that, you could do a search and replace for commas in this section (I have not used any commas in my words, definitions or notes) and replace the commas with spaces or tabs.



a', all; every, also have

a' thing, everything; anything,

aboon, above; up; over,

aboot, about,

aboot and aboot, all about,

abune, above; up; over,

abusin', abusing,

accordin', according,

actin', acting,

admirin', admiring,

ae, one,

aff, off; away; past; beyond,

afore, before; in front of,

agen, against,

ahin', behind; after; at the back of,

ahint, behind; after; at the back of,


Ahva!,At all!, exclamation of surprise; contempt

aiblins, perhaps; possibly,

ailin', ailing; sick,

ain, own, also one

airgument, argument,

airguments, arguments,

airm, arm,

airms, arms, also coat of arms; crest

aither, either,

alane, alone,

alang, along,

alicht, alight,

Almichty,Almighty; God,

a'maist, almost,

amang, among; in; together with,

amo', among,

amo't, among it,

an, and,

an', and,

ance, once,

ane, one, also a single person or thing

aneath, beneath; under,

aneath't, beneath it; under it,

aneth, beneath; under,

aneuch, enough,

anither, another,

appintment, appointment,

appintments, appointments,

appruved, approved,

aske, newt,

as'll, as will,

'at, that,

at ane mair, full up; to bursting,

a'thegither, all together,

a'thing, everything; anything,

'at's, that is,

atween, between,

aucht, eight; eighth, also ought; own; possess

aucht days, eight days,

auld, old,

auld-fashioned, old-fashioned,

ava, at all; of all, exclamation of banter; ridicule

awa', away; distant,

awfu', awful,

awthegither, all together,

ay, yes; indeed, exclamation of surprise; wonder

aye, yes; indeed,

baain', bleating,

backbane, backbone,

bairn, child,

bairnie, little child, diminutive

bairnies, little children, diminutive

bairns, children,

baith, both,

bale, blaze; bonfire,

ballant, ballad; song,

ballants, ballads; songs,

banes, bones,

bauchles, old pair of shoes,

bauks, crossbeams of a house; rafter,

bawbees, halfpennies,

beastie, beast; animal, diminutive to express sympathy or affection

beginnin', beginning,

begude, began,

bein', being,

ben, in; inside; into; within; inwards, also inner room

ben the hoose, in the parlour, best room of the house

beowty, beauty,

beuk, book, also Bible

beukie, little book, diminutive

beuks, books,

beuky, little book, diminutive

beurds, boards,

biddin', bidding,

bide, endure; bear; remain; live, also desire; wish

bield, protection; shelter; cover,

bien, cosy; comfortable; well-stocked, also rich

big, build,

bin', bind,

bin'in', binding,

binna, be not,

birdie, little bird, diminutive

birdies, little birds, diminutive

bit, but; bit, also small; little—diminutive

bitties, little bits, diminutive

blastit, blasted,

bleck, black; smut, also nonplus; perplex

bluid, blood,

boddom, bottom,

body, person; fellow, also body

boiler, large cast-iron kettle; boiler,

bonnie, good; beautiful; pretty; handsome,

bonny, good; beautiful; pretty; handsome,

boo, bow,

bossie, large wooden bowl, serving bowl

boun', bound,

bout, swath,

bouts, swaths,

brakfast, breakfast,

braw, beautiful; good; fine, also lovely (girl); handsome (boy)

brawly, admirably; very; very much; well,

bringin', bringing,

brither-men, fellowmen; brethren,

brocht, brought,

brods, boards; (book covers),

broos, brows; eyebrows,

bud, intended; meant to; wished,

bude, would prefer to,

buik, book, also Bible

buiks, books,

burdie, little bird, diminutive; term of endearment

burnin', burning,

burnside, along the side of a stream,

butt, main room in a croft; outside, includes kitchen and storage

butt the hoose, into the house; into the kitchen,

by ordinar', out of the ordinary; supernatural, also unusual; exceptional

byke, hive; swarm; crowd,

ca', call; name,

ca'd, called,

calf-country, country or place where one grew up,

caller, fresh; refreshing; cool,

cam, came,

cam', came,

canna, cannot,

carefu', careful,

cart-fu's, cartloads,

ca's, calls,

ca't, call it,

cauld, cold,

caup, small wooden bowl,

'cause, because,

causin', causing,

'cep', except; but,

certie, of a truth; certainly,

chaip, purchase; bargain, also escape

chaumer, chamber; room; bedroom,

chield, child; young person; fellow, term of fondness or intimacy

chields, children; young people; fellows, term of fondness or intimacy

chimla, chimney; fireplace,

chimla-lug, fireside,

chow, chew,

clam, climbed,

clappit, patted; stroked; fondled,

clavers, idle talk; chatter; gossip,

clean, altogether; entirely, also comely; shapely; empty; clean

cleed, clothe; shelter,

clippin', clipping; shearing (sheep),

clyack, end of harvest,

colliginer, college student, also college boy

Come butt the hoose.,Come on in.,

Come yer wa's butt.,Come on in.,

Come yer wa's.,Come along.,

comin', coming,

comparateevely, comparatively,

consistin', consisting,

contradickin', contradicting,

coorse, coarse, also course

corn-scraich, land-rail (type of bird),

corp, body; corpse,

corps, bodies; corpses,

cot, cottage,

couples, rafters,

couthy, kind; snug; comfortable; familiar,

coverin', covering,

craig, throat; neck; gullet,

crater, creature,

craytur, creature,

crayturs, creatures,

creater, creature,

creaters, creatures,

creatur', creature,

creepie,(three legged) stool, a child's chair

creepin', creeping; crawling,

crook, hooked iron chain inside a chimney, for hanging cooking pots on

crookit, crooked,

croonin', singing softly; moaning; whining,

cud, could,

cudna, could not,

cuiticans, leather gaiters; leggings,

cuttin', cutting,

dacent, decent,

daffin', dallying; fooling; frolicking, also flirtation

darin', daring,

daunder, stroll; saunter; amble,

daured, dared; challenged,

daursay, dare say,

dawtie, darling; pet, term of endearment


daylicht, daylight,

deed, died, also deed; indeed

deeth, death,

deevilich, devilish, also extraordinary; supernatural

deid, dead,

deid-stane, gravestone; tombstone,

deil, devil,

Deil a bit!,Not at all! Not a bit!,

deit, died,

deith, death,

dementit, demented; mad; crazy,

denner-time, dinner time,

depen', depend,

detaictives, detectives,

devallt, intermission; a break; pause,

didna, did not,

dinna, do not,

direckly, directly; immediately,

dischairgin', discharging; prohibiting,

disjaskit, worn out; fatigued; exhausted, also dejected; depressed

disturbin', disturbing,

dochter, daughter,

doin', doing,

doitit, foolish; stupefied; crazy,

doo, dove, darling—term of endearment

doon, down,

doonsettin', scolding (settles an argument),

doonsittin', settlement; location; sitting,

door-cheek, door-post; threshold; doorway,

doot, doubt, also suspect; suspect

dootless, doubtless,

do't, do it,

douce, gentle; sensible; sober; prudent,

doun, down,

dout, suspect; know; doubt, have an unpleasant conviction

dowie, sad; lonely; depressing; dismal, also ailing

downa, dare not; can not,

drappy, little drop; a little (liquor), diminutive

dreed, dread; fear,

dreid, dread,

driftin', drifting, snow driven by the wind

drinkin', drinking,

driv't, drive it,

duin', doing,

dune, done,

dune't, done it,

dung, beaten; overcome; worn out,

ear', early,

'ee, eye,

een, eyes,

e'en, even; just; simply, also eyes; evening

eesicht, eyesight; by all appearances,

efter, after; afterwards,

eident, industrious; diligent; steady,

ellwan', ell-wand; ruler; yardstick,1 ell = 37 inches or 94 cm

'en, end,

en', end,

ends-errand, express purpose; specifically to,

eneuch, enough,

enlichtened, enlightened,

enteresstit, interested,

ettle, reach; intend; purpose; aim, also aspire; attempt

ettlin', seeking (to understand); aiming, also aspiring; attempting

evenin', equalling; comparing,

exackly, exactly,

excep, except,

exerceese, exercise, also explain Scripture

expec, expect,

expeck, expect,

expeckin', expecting,

eynds, ends,

eyther, either,

fa', fall; befall,

fac, fact; truth; reality,

fain, eager; anxious; fond, also fondly; gladly

fair-oot, far out,

fand, found,

fardins, farthings,

fegs!, truly!; really!; goodness!, mild oath; exclamation of surprise

fell, very; potent; keen; harsh; sharp, intensifies; also turf

feow, few,

fillin', filling,

fin', find; feel,

firin', firing; heating,

fir-taps, tops of the fir trees,

fit, foot; base, also fit; capable; able

flatterin', flattering,

flauchterin', fluttering,

fleein', flying,

flutterin', fluttering,

flytin', telling off; scolding, flaying with the tongue

followin', following,

forbear, ancestor; forefather,

forbears, ancestors; forefathers,

forby, as well; as well as; besides, also over and above

forbye, as well; as well as; besides, also over and above

forenichts, fore-nights; early evenings,

forfochten, worn out; exhausted,

forgetfu'ness, forgetfulness,

forgie, forgive,

for's, for his,

for't, for it,

fortnicht, fortnight; two weeks,

fower, four,

fowk, folk,

fowth, plenty; abundance; full measure,

frae, from,

frae the tae side to the tither, from one side to the other,

freen, friend; relation,

frien', friend,

friens, friends,

frien's, friends,

fu', full; very; much,

fule, fool,

furth, forth,

gae, gave,

gaed, went,

gaein, going,

gaein', going,

gaeing, going,

gaen, going, also given

gait, way; fashion, also route; street

gane, gone,

gane up the stair(s), gone to heaven; died,

gane wull, lost its way; strayed,

gang, go; goes; depart; walk,

gangs, goes; walks,

gar, cause; make; compel,

garrin', making; causing; compelling,

gars, makes; causes; compels,

gart, made; caused; compelled,

gat, got,

get, way, also get

gettin', getting,

gey, fairly; considerable,

gie, give,

gie a lift, give a helping hand,

giein', giving,

gie's, gives; give us; give his,

gin, if; as if; then; whether,

gin', if; as if; then; whether,

gin't, if it,

glaid, glad,

glaidden, gladden,

glamour, spell; charm; enchantment,

glass, magnifying glass,

gleed, spark; ember; flame,

gleg, quick; lively; smart; quick-witted,

gleg 'ee, quick or sharp eye (to notice things),

gloamin', twilight; dusk,


got grips, got a hold of; grasped; understood,

gowd, gold,

gowpenfu's, as much as two hands can hold,

gran', grand; capital; first-rate,

gran'father, grandfather,

grat, cried; wept,

gravestane, gravestone; tombstone; headstone,

greet, cry; weep,

greetin', crying; weeping,

grip, grasp; understand,

grips, grasps; understands,

growin', growing,

grup, grip; grasp,

gude, good, also God

guid, good, also God

guidit, treated; handled; managed,

ha', have, also hall; house

hadna, had not,

hae, have; has,

ha'e, have,

haein', having,

haena, have not,

hae't, have it,

haill, whole,

hairst-rig, harvest crew, lit. ridge of harvesters

halesome, wholesome; pure,

hame, home,

hamely, familiar; friendly; at home,

hame-ower, homely; humble; rustic, also unaffected; vernacular

han', hand,

han'fu', handful,

han's, hands,

hantle, much; large quantity; far,

hap, cover; wrap; shield,

happin, covering; wrapping,

hasna', has not; hasn't,

haud, hold; keep,

haud the hert in her, hold the heart in her, also keep her spirits up

haudin', holding; keeping,

hauds, holds; keeps,

haven, heaven,

haverin', talking incoherently; babbling,

havers, nonsense; foolish talk; babble,

heap, very much, also heap

hearin', hearing,

hearken, hearken; hear; listen,

Hech!,Oh! strange!, a sighing exclamation

heeds, heads, also heeds

heid, head; heading,

herdin', herding; shepherding,

hert, heart,

hertily, heartily,

herts, hearts,

het, hot; burning,

hev', have,

hicht, height,

hidin', hiding,

hill-moss, mountain-moor,'moss' is a swamp or peat bog

himsel, himself,

himsel', himself,

hindmost, hindmost; last; final,

hingin', hanging,

hit, it, emphatic

hither-come, ancestry; past history; pedigree,

hizzie, hussy; silly girl,

hizzy, hussy; silly girl,

hom', home,

hoo, how,

hoose, house,

hoosehold, household,

hoose-room, living space,

hoot, pshaw, exclamation of doubt or contempt

hootoot,, exclamation of annoyance

hootoots,, exclamation of annoyance

hoots, pshaw, exclamation of doubt or contempt

hosen, stockings; socks,

hostin', coughing,

houp, hope,

houpit, hoped,

howkin', digging; excavating,

hunner, hundred,

huz, us, emphatic

i', in; into,

I canna min',I can not think or remember,

I doot,I know; I suspect,

I wat,I know; I assure (you),

I wot,I know; I assure (you),

idlin', idling,

ilka, every; each, also common; ordinary

ill, bad; evil; hard; harsh; badly, also misfortune; harm

'ill, will,

ill-faured, unbecoming; ill-mannered; clumsy,

ill-min'ins, forgetfulness; unmindfulness,

'im, him,

imaigins, imagines,

immedantly, immediately,

impairts, imparts,

imputit, imputed,

in sma', in short; briefly,

ingle-neuk, chimney-corner or recess; fireside,

in's, in his,

instruck, instruct,

in't, in it,

intellec, intellect,

interferin', interfering,

intill, into; in; within,

intill't, into it,

I'se,I shall,

is't, is it,

ither, other; another; further,

itherwise, otherwise,

itsel, itself,

itsel', itself,

itsel's, itself is,

jeedgement, judgement,

jeedgment, judgement,

jist, just,

judgin', judging,

justifeed, justified,

keepit, kept,

keepit his thoom...ellwan, short change someone, give a short measure

ken, know; be acquainted with; recognise,

kenna, do not know,

kenned, known; knew,

kens, knows,

kent, known; knew,

kep, keep; catch,

killin', killing,

kin', kind; nature; sort; agreeable, also somewhat; in some degree

kin'ness, kindness,

kintra-side, countryside; country district,

kirk, church,

kirkyard, churchyard,

kirn, churn,

knittin', knitting,

kye, cattle; cows,

lad, boy, term of commendation or reverence

laddies, boys, term of affection

lads, boys, term of commendation or reverence

laird, landed proprietor; squire; lord,

lammie, little lamb, term of endearment

lan', land; country; ground,

lane, lone; alone; lonely; solitary,

lanes, lone; alone,

lang, long; big; large; many, also slow; tedious

langer, longer,

lass, girl; young woman, term of address

lass-bairn, female child,

lassie, girl, term of endearment

lat, let; allow,

lats, lets,

lat's, let's; let us; let his,

lattin, letting; allowing,

lauch, laugh,

lave, rest; remainder; others, also leave

laverocks, larks (type of bird),

layin', laying,

lea', leave,

learnin', learning, also teaching

learnt, learned, also taught

leein', lying; telling lies,

lees, lies,

leevin', living; living being,

leisur', leisure,

len', lend; give; grant, also loan

lenth, length,

letten, let; allowed; permitted; suffered,

leuk, look; watch; appearance,

leukin', looking; watching,

leukit, looked; watched,

licht, light,

lichtlyin', belittling; making light of, also despising; scorning

lichts, lights,

lifelang, lifelong,

lift, load; boost; lift; helping hand, also sky; heavens

likit, liked,

lik'ly, likely,

lippen, trust; depend on, also look after

'll, will,

loe, love,

lo'e, love,

lo'ed, loved,


loot, let; allowed; permitted,

Losh!, corrupt form of 'Lord', exclamation of surprise or wonder

lovin'kindness, lovingkindness,

luckie-daddy, fondly regarded forefather, also grandfather

lug, ear; fin (fish), also shallow wooden dish

luik, look,

luikin', looking,

luikit, looked,

lum, chimney,

lyin', lying,

maijesty, majesty,

maik, equal; match; model,

mair, more; greater,

maist, most; almost,

maister, master; mister,

maistly, mostly; most of all,

maitter, matter,

mak, make; do,

mak', make; do,

mak a doonsittin', make a home for,

mak' shifts, makeshifts; temporary substitutes,

mak' ups, fabrications, also made up with odds and ends

makin', making; doing,

makin't, making it; doing it,

maks, makes; does,

mane, mean,

maukin, hare, reference to a poem by Burns

maun, must; have to,

maunna, must not; may not,

meanin', meaning,

measur', measure,

meesery, misery,

meetin', meeting,

mem,Ma'am; Miss; Madam,

mend, amend; cure; heal, as in 'mend your ways'

mengie, mixture; menagerie; crowd,

merchan', merchant; shopkeeper,

mercifu', merciful; favourable,

merryin', marrying,

micht, might,

michtna, might not,

michty, mighty; God,

mids, midst; middle,

min', mind; recollection, also recollect; remember

minit, minute,

minny, mother; mommy, pet name

mint, aimed at; intended to; attempted,

min't, mind it; remember it,

misbelievin', not believing,

mischeef, mischief; injury; harm,

mista'en, mistaken,

misunderstandin', misunderstanding,

mither, mother,

mony, many,

mornin', morning,

mornin's, mornings,

mou's, mouths,

muckle, huge; enormous; big; great; much,

munsie, fool,

muntain-side, mountainside,

mutch, woman's cap with protruding frill, worn under the bonnet

muved, moved; affected,

My certie!,Take my word for it!,

my lane, on my own,

mysel, myself,

mysel', myself,

na, not; by no means,

na', not; by no means,

nae, no; none; not,

naething, nothing,

naewise, nowise; in no way,

nain, own,

nane, none,

nater, nature,

nateral, natural,

natur', nature,

near-han', nearly; almost; near by,

neebor, neighbour,

neebours, neighbours,

needna, do not need; need not,

neep, turnip,

neep-seed, turnip seed,

ne'er, never,

ne'er-do-well, an incorrigible; troublemaker,

negleckin', neglecting,

neglecks, neglects,

neist, next; nearest,

neives, fists; hands,

nicht, night; evening,

nichtly, nightly; at night,

nigh, near; nearly,

nigher, nearer; closer,

no, not,

no that ill to win at, not that difficult to get at,

noo, now,

noo-a-days, now; in these days,

nor, than; although; if, also nor

not, needed, also not

o', of; on,

obleeged, obliged,

ohn, without; un-, uses past participle not present progressive

on's, on his,

ony, any,

onything, anything,

ook, week,

ooman, woman,

oor, our,

oors, ours,

oorsels, ourselves,

oot, out,

ootside, outside,

opingan, opinion,

opingans, opinions,

or, before; ere; until; by, also or

orderin', ordering,

ordinar', ordinary; usual; natural, also custom; habit

o's, of us,

o't, of it,

oucht, anything; all, also ought

our lanes, on our own,

oursel', ourselves,

oursel's, ourselves,

ow, oh, exclamation of surprise

ower, over; upon; too,

owse, ox,

pairt, part,

pairtrick, partridge,

pairts, parts,

parritch, oatmeal porridge,

passin', passing; occasional,

pat, put; made,

peint, point,

perfeck, perfect; thorough; utter,

persâudit, persuaded,

picter, picture; sight; spectacle,

pig, stone bottle,

pint, point,

pinted, pointed,

pit, put; make,

pitawta, potato,

pits, puts; makes,

pitten, put; made,

pittin', putting; making,

playin', playing,

pleesir, pleasure,

pleesur, pleasure,

plentifu', plentiful; sufficient,

pleuch, plough,

ploo, plough,

poapies, poppies,

poopit, pulpit,


praisin', praising,

preceesely, precisely,

preevilege, privilege,

prenciple, principle,

prentit, printed,

presence-chaumer, king's presence chamber,

prood, proud,

prospeck, prospect,

puir, poor,

puirest, poorest,

quean, queen; young girl; hussy,

quo', swore; said; quoth,

raither, rather,

rax, extend; overdo it; stretch,

readin', reading,

reasonin's, reasonings,

reestlin', rustling,

refeese, refuse,

reid-coatit, red-coated,

reid-heedit, redheaded,

remin'in', reminding; remembering,

repentit, repented,

reprocht, reproached,

respeck, respect; consider worthy,

respecks, respects; considers worthy,

richt, right; correct, also mend

richteousness, righteousness,

richtly, certainly; positively,

richts, rights,

rizzon, reason,

roomie, little room, diminutive

roose, rouse; stir up; agitate,

rouch, rough,

roun', around; round,

routin', lowing (cattle); bellowing,

rue't, regret it; feel sorry for it,

rumgumption, common sense,

's, us; his; as; is, also has

sae, so; as,

sae's, so is,

saft, muddy; soft; silly; foolish,

sair, sore; sorely; sad; hard; very; greatly, also serve

sairpent, serpent,

saitisfeed, satisfied,

sall, shall,

sanctifee, sanctify,

sanctificaition, sanctification,

sang, song,

sangs, songs,

sanna, shall not,


saplin's, saplings,

sat, set,

sattle, settle,

sattles, settles,

sauld, sold,

sawin', sowing,

sayin', saying,

scabbit, thin; bare; shabby; scabbed,

schraichin, screaming; shrieking,

scomfisht, suffocated; smothered; choked,


scoug, shade; sheltered place; protection,

scunner, disgust; disgusting; revolting,

seein', seeing,

seemilies, similes,

see't, see it,

sel, self,

sel', self,

self-forgettin', self-forgetting,

sels, selves,

sempathy, sympathy,

semple, simple; of low birth,

settisfaction, satisfaction,

settle, sofa,

shanna, shall not,

shavin', shaving; cutting; sawing,

shinin', shining,

shiverin', shivering,

shoon, shoes,

shouldna, should not,

sic, such; so; similar,

sicht, sight,

sichts, sights,

siller, silver; money; wealth,

siller-bag, moneybag; purse,


sin', since; ago; since then,

sinfu', sinful,

singin', singing,

sinset, sunset,

sittin', sitting,

skelf, shelf, also splinter

skelp-doup, schoolmaster, term of contempt

sklet,(school) slate, also roofing slate

sma', small; little; slight; narrow; young,

sma'est, smallest; littlest; slightest; narrowest,

smoored, smothered; suffocated; stifled,

smorin', smothering; suffocating,

smut, dirt,

snaw, snow,

snaw-ba's, snowballs,

snaw-vraith, snowdrift,

snaw-wreaths, snowdrifts,

somehoo, somehow,

soun', sound,

soundet, sounded,

souns, sounds,

soun's, sounds,

sowl, soul,

spak, spoke,

spak', spoke,

speakin', speaking,

speikin', speaking,

speyk, speak,

spier, ask about; enquire; question,

spierin', asking about; enquiring; questioning,

stamack, stomach,

stan', stand; stop,

stane, stone; measure of weight,1 stone = 14 pounds

stanes, stones,

stan'in', standing,

stappit, stopped; stuffed, also stepped

starnies, little stars, diminutive

starns, stars,

steek, shut; close; clench, also stitch (as in clothing)

steekit, shut; closed; clenched,

steekit neives, clenched fists,

stew, dust; vapour; smoke, also stench; stink

stour, dust (cloud); spray; gush,

strae, straw,

strang, strong,

straucht, straighten; straight,

straucht-foret, straightforward; forthwith,

stravaguin', saunter; stroll; go about aimlessly,

streekit, stretched,

sud, should,

sune, soon; early,

suner, sooner,

supposin', supposing,

suspeecion, suspicion,

sut, sweat,

syne, ago; since; then; at that time, also in (good) time

't, it,

tae, toe; also tea, also the one; to

taen, taken; seized,

ta'en, taken; seized,

tak', take; seize,

tak' tent, look out; pay attention; watch,

takin', taking,

taks, takes; seizes,

talans, talents,

tap, top; tip; head,

tauld, told,

tay, tea,

te, to,

ted, child; diminutive person, term of disgust

tee, to ye i.e. to you, also tea; too; also

tellin', telling,

tellt, told,

tent, attention; care; heed; notice,

thae, those; these,

thankfu', thankful,

that'll, that will,

the day, today,

the morn, tomorrow,

the nicht, tonight,

the noo, just now; now,

thegither, together,

themsels, themselves,

themsels', themselves,

thenk, think,

theroot, outside; out there; out-of-doors,

thinkin', thinking,

this day week, in a week's time; a week from now, also a week ago

thocht, thought,

thochtless, thoughtless,

thochts, thoughts,

thoom, thumb,

thrang, full; well filled; busy; crowded,

through't, through it,

throw't, through it,

till, to; till; until; about; at; before,

till's, to his; to us,

till't, to it,

timmer, timber; wood,

tither, the other,

tocher, dowry,

toddlin', toddling; walking unsteadily,

toot-moot, low muttering conversation,

tow, rope; string; cable,

troth, truth; indeed, also used as an exclamation

trowth, truth; indeed, also used as an exclamation

truff, turf; sod; peat,

tummelin', tumbling,

turnin', turning,

twa, two; a few,

'twar, it were,

'twas, it was,

'twere, it were; it was,

twise, twice,

tyauve, strive; struggle,

t'ye, to you,

unco, unknown; odd; strange; uncouth, also very great

understan', understand,

unnerstan', understand,

uphaud, uphold; maintain; support,

uphaudin', upholding; maintaining; supporting,

upo', upon; on to; at,

upo't, upon it,

upricht, upright,

uptak, uptake; understanding,

veesible, visible,

veesits, visits,

verra, very; true; real,

vratch, wretch,

vrite, write,

wad, would,

wadna, would not,

waggin', wagging; nodding,

waggin' his heid, nodding his head (while preaching),

waitin', waiting,

wan, reached; gained; got,

want, want; lack; without; be in want of,

war, were,

wark, work; labour,

wark-hours, working hours,

warl', world; worldly goods, also a large number

warld, world,

warldly, worldly,

warna, were not,

warran', warrant; guarantee,

warst, worst,

warstle, wrestle,

wa's, walls, also ways

wasna, was not,

was't, was it,

wastry, waste; extravagance, also prodigal

wat, wet, see also 'I wat.'

waur, worse, also spend money

waurd, word,

we maun bide a wee, we need to wait a bit,

wean, child; infant,

weans, children; infants,

wee, small; little; bit, also short time; while

weel, well; fine,

weel-faured, good-looking; handsome,

weicht, weight,

well-ee, orifice of a well, also spring in a quagmire

we'se, we shall,

weyds, weeds,

wha, who,

wha', who,

wham, whom,

whan, when,

wha's, who is, also whose

Wha's that o't?,Who is that?,

whase, whose,

What for no?,Why not?,

What for?,Why?,

whaur, where,

wheen, little; few; number; quantity,

wheyt, wheat,

whiles, sometimes; at times; now and then,

wi, with,

wi', with,

wilfu', wilful,

willin', willing,

win, reach; gain; get; go; come,

win', wind,

winlestrae, straw or grass dried on its root, weak; unhealthy

winna, will not,

winnock, window,

wintin', wanting; without,

wi'out, without,

wis', wish,

wi't, with it,

wonner, wonder; marvel,

wonnerfu', wonderful; great; large,

wonnerfully, wonderfully; very; extremely,

woo', wool,

woosh, washed,

wrang, wrong; injured,

wrang-duins, wrongdoings; misdeeds,

wud, wood; forest, adj.-enraged; angry; also would

wull, will; wish; desire, also astray; stray; wild

wull hizzie, wild hussy,

wuman, woman,

wumman, woman,

ye, you; yourself,

ye'll, you will,

yer, your,

ye'r, you are,

ye're, you are,

yersel, yourself,

yersel', yourself,

ye'se, you shall,

yestreen, yesterday (evening); last night,

ye've, you have,

yon's, that is; that (thing) there is,

yow-lammie, ewe lamb; runaway, diminutive


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