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Note from John Bechard, creator of this Electronic text.


The following is a list of Scottish words which are found in George MacDonald’s “Donal Grant”.  I have compiled this list myself and worked out the definitions from context with the help of Margaret West, from Leven in Fife, Scotland, and also by referring to a word list found in a collection of poems by Robert Burns, “Chamber’s Scots Dialect Dictionary from the 17th century to the Present” c. 1911 and “Scots-English English-Scots Dictionary” Lomond Books c. 1998.  I have tried to be as thorough as possible given the limited resources and welcome any feedback on this list which may be wrong (my e-mail address is JaBBechard@aol.com).  This was never meant to be a comprehensive list of the National Scottish Language, but rather an aid to understanding some of the conversations and references in this text in the Broad Scots.  I do apologise for any mistakes or omissions.  I aimed for my list to be very comprehensive, and it often repeats the same word in a plural or diminutive form.  As well, it includes words that are quite obvious to native English speakers, only spelled in such a way to demonstrate the regional pronunciation.


This list is a compressed form that consists of three columns for ‘word’, ‘definition’, and ‘additional notes’.  It is set up with a comma between each item and a hard return at the end of each definition.  This means that this section could easily be cut and pasted into its own text file and imported into a database or spreadsheet as a comma separated variable file (.csv file).  Failing that, you could do a search and replace for commas in this section (I have not used any commas in my words, definitions or notes) and replace the commas with spaces or tabs.





a', all; every, also have

'a', have,

a' body, everyone; everybody,

a' place, all places; everywhere,

a' thing, everything; anything,

a'body, everyone; everybody,

aboon, above; up; over,

aboot, about,

abro'd, abroad,

abune, above; up; over,

ac', act,

accep', accept,

accoont, account,

accoontable, accountable,

accoonts, accounts,

ae, one,

ae-sidit, one-sided,

aff, off; away; past; beyond,

affrontit, affronted; disgraced, also ashamed; shamed

afore, before; in front of,

'afore, before; in front of,

'afore han', beforehand,

'aforehan', beforehand,

aft, often,

aften, often,

again, against; opposed to, also again

again', against,

agen, against,

'ahin', behind; after; at the back of,

ahint, behind; after; at the back of,

'ahint, behind; after; at the back of,

ain, own, also one

aipple, apple,

airms, arms, also coat of arms; crest

airmy, army,

airt, quarter; direction; compass point, also art

airy, chilly,

ait, eat,

aith, oath,

aither, either,

aitin', eating,

aiven, even,

alane, alone,

alang, along,

alison, awl,

alloo, allow,

allooed, allowed,

alloot, allowed,

Almichty,Almighty; God,

amen's, amends,

amo', among,

amoont, amount,

an', and,

ance, once,

ane, one, also a single person or thing

anent, opposite to; in front of, also concerning


anes, ones,

'aneth, beneath; under,

angers, angers; makes angry, also grieves

angert, angered; angry, also grieved

angle-corbie, raven (sent from heaven), reference to 1 Kings 17:6

anither, another,


answert, answered,

appearit, appeared,

appeart, appeared,

approachin', approaching,

appruv, approve,

a'ready, already,

arena, are not,

argle-barglet, bandied words; disputed; haggled,

art and part, aiding and abetting,

ashamet, ashamed,

aside, beside, also aside

askin', asking,

asun'er, asunder,

'at, that,

aten, eaten,

a'thegither, all together,

a'thing, everything; anything,

'at'll, that will,

'at's, that is,

atween, between,

'atween, between,

aucht, eight; eighth, also ought; own; possess

auchteen, eighteen,

auchty, eighty,

auld, old,

aulder, older,

auldest, oldest,

auld-farrand, old-fashioned, also droll; witty; quaint

ava', at all; of all, exclamation of banter; ridicule

awa, away; distant,

awa', away; distant,

aweel, ah well; well then; well,

awfu', awful,

ay, yes; indeed, exclamation of surprise; wonder

aye, yes; indeed,

ayont, beyond; after,

'ayont, beyond; after,

backbane, backbone,

baggin', swelling; bulging,

bairn, child,

bairnie, little child, diminutive

bairnly, childish,

bairns, children,

baith, both,

banes, bones,

bangin', banging,

bangt, banged,

barnflure, barn floor,

becomin', becoming,

bed-claes, bedclothes,

beery, bury,

beggin', begging,

beggit, begged,

beginnin', beginning,

behavet, behaved,

bein', being,

beir, bear,

beirin', bearing; allowing,

believin', believing,

belongin', belonging,

ben, in; inside; into; within; inwards, also inner room

bena, be not; is not,

beseekit, beseeched,

bethinking (oneself), stopping to think; reflecting,

bidden, abided; stayed,

bide, endure; bear; remain; live, also desire; wish

bidin', enduring; bearing; remaining; living, also desiring; wishing

biggin', building,

biggit, built,

binna, be not,

bit, but; bit, also small; little--diminutive

blamin', blaming,

blaw, blow,

blessin', blessing,

blessin's, blessings,

blin', blind,

blink, take a hasty glance; ogle, also shine; gleam; twinkle

blude, blood,

bludeshed, bloodshed,

bluid, blood,

boady, body,

body, person; fellow, also body

bonnie, good; beautiful; pretty; handsome,

bonny, good; beautiful; pretty; handsome,

boord, board (i.e. room and board),

brainch, branch,

brak, break,

brakfast, breakfast,

br'akin', breaking,

brawly, admirably; very; very much; well,

breid, bread,

brither, brother,

brither man, fellowman; brother,

brithers, brothers; fellows,

brocht, brought,

broucht, brought,

bude, would prefer to,

buik, book, also Bible

buiks, books,

buildin', building,

b'un', bound,

burnin', burning,

buss, bush; shrub; thicket,

buyin', buying,

by ord'nar, out of the ordinary; supernatural, also unusual; exceptional

by ord'nar', out of the ordinary; supernatural, also unusual; exceptional

ca', call; name,

ca'd, called,

cairriage, carriage,

cairry, carry,

callin', calling,

cam, came,

cam', came,

cankerin', souring; festering, also fretting

can'le, candle,

canna, cannot,

carefu', careful,

caret, cared,

carin', caring,

carryin', carrying,

ca's, calls,

castel, castle,

cat, ointment, lit. soft clay or mud

cauld, cold,

cauld-hertit, cold-hearted,

'cause, because,

cawpable, capable,

ceevil, civil,

'cep', except; but,

chairge, charge,

chappin', knocking; hammering; striking,

cheenge, change,

cheengeable, changeable,

cheengt, changed,

cheep, chirp; creak; hint; word,

cheir, chair,

cheirs, chairs,

ch'ice, choice,

chiel', child; young person; fellow, term of fondness or intimacy

chimley-piece, chimney piece; mantle,

chuise, choose,

claes, clothes; dress,

clan, group; class; coterie,

clankin', clanking,

clapper-clash, gossip,

clash, blow; slap; mess, also gossip; tittle-tattle; tale-bearing

clean, altogether; entirely, also comely; shapely; empty; clean

clearin', clearing,

clim', climb,

cloods, clouds,

cloot, clout; box (ear); beat; slap, also patch; mend

close parin', give a short measure,

cobblet, cobbled,

cobblin', cobbling; shoemaking,

comena, do not come,

comfortin', comforting,

comin', coming,

comman', command,

comman'ments, commandments,

committit, committed,

comparet, compared,

compleen, complain,

compleenin', complaining,

comprehen', comprehend,

conceivin', conceiving,

concernin', concerning,

concernt, concerned,

condescen', condescend,

conduc', conduct,

conneckit, connected,

considert, considered,

conteened, contained,

contert, contradicted; thwarted,

contrairy, contrary,

contrive, design,

convic', convict,

cooardly, cowardly,

cooncil, council,

coonsel, counsel,

coont, count,

coontenance, countenance,

coontin', counting,

coontit, counted,

coonts, counts,

coopered, tinkered up,

coorse, coarse, also course

coortin', courting,

corbie, crow; raven,

corbie-steps, corbel steps, projections on a gable resembling a step

correc', correct,

couldna, could not,

crack, news; story; chat; gossip,

cracks, news; stories; chats; gossip,

craps, crops; produce of the field,

cratur, creature,

cratur', creature,

craturs, creatures,

crawin', crowing,

creakin', creaking,

creepit, crept; crawled,

cried, called; summoned,

croont, crowned,

cry, call; summon,

cryin', calling; summoning,

cuist, cast,

cunnin', cunning,

cuttit, cut; harvested,

dacent, decent,

danglin', dangling,

dauchter, daughter,

daur, dare; challenge,

daured, dared; challenged,

daurna, dare not; do not dare,

daursay, dare say,

dawin', dawning,


declaret, declared,

declarin', declaring,

'deed, indeed,

dee'd, died,

dee'dna, did not die,

deein', doing, also dying

dees, dies,

deevil, devil,

deevils, devils,

defen', defend,

deid, dead,

deif, deaf,

deifer, deafer,

deil, devil,

deith, death,

deiths, deaths,

denner, dinner,

denyin', denying,

depen', depend,

describit, described,

dewotit, devoted,

didna, did not,

diffeeclety, difficulty,

differ, difference; dissent, also differ

difficlety, difficulty,

dignities, dignitaries,

dignity, dignitary,

din, sound; din; report; fame,

dinna, do not,

direc', direct,

direckit, directed,

direckly, directly; immediately,

direc'ly, directly; immediately,

dis, does,

disapp'intit, disappointed,

discipleen, discipline,

discontentit, discontented,

discoontenance, discountenance; refuse to approve of,

discoorse, discourse,

disgeist, digest,

disgracin', disgracing,

disna, does not,

disrespec', disrespect,

dist, dust,

disturbit, disturbed,

div, do,

dochter, daughter,

doesna, does not,

dogsure, quite certain,

doin', doing,

doo, dove, darling--term of endearment

dooble, double; duplicate, also double dealing; devious

doobt, suspect; know; doubt, have an unpleasant conviction

doobtfu', doubtful,

doobtin', suspecting; knowing, also doubting

doobtless, doubtless,

doobtna, do not suspect; do not know, also does not doubt

doobts, suspects; knows, also doubts

doon, down,

door-sill, threshold,

doos, doves,

dottlet, crazy; in dotage,

douce, gentle; sensible; sober; prudent,

dour, hard; stern; stiff; sullen,

dowy, sad; lonely; depressing; dismal, also ailing

doze, dose,

drap, drop; small quantity of,

drappin', dropping,

drappit, dropped,

dreid, dread,

dreidfu', dreadful; dreadfully,

dreidit, dreaded,

drogues, drugs,

drunken, drunken,

du, do,

duer, doer,

duin', doing,

dull, deaf; hard of hearing,

dune, done,

du't, do it,

dwall, dwell,

dyke, wall of stone or turf,

earth-dyke, wall of earth,


edder, adder,

e'e, eye,

eemage, image,

een, eyes,

e'en, even; just; simply, also eyes; evening

efter, after; afterwards,

efterwards, afterwards,

elbuck, elbow,

en', end,

encoonter, encounter,

endeevour, endeavour,

eneuch, enough,

enew, enough,


enstance, instance,

enterest, interest,

er', ere; before,

etin, giant, also ogre

exackly, exactly,

excep', except,

expeckit, expected,

experrience, experience,

explainin', explaining,

fa', fall; befall,

fac', fact,

fac's, facts; truths; realities,

factor, manager of a landed property, lets farms; collects rents; pays wages

faddomless, fathomless,

failt, failed,

faimilies, families,

faimily, family,

faimily-name, family name; surname,

fain, eager; anxious; fond, also fondly; gladly

fa'in', falling,

fairmer, farmer,

Faith!,Indeed!; Truly!, exclamation

faither, father,

faithers, fathers,

faithfu', faithful,

fallow, fellow; chap,

fancyin', fancying,

fa's, falls,

faund, found,

fause, false,

fau't, fault; blame,

fauvour, favour,

fauvoured, favoured,

fawvour, favour,

fearfu', fearful; easily frightened,

fears, makes afraid; frightens; scares,

fearsome, terrifying; fearful; awful,

feart, afraid; frightened; scared,

feathert, feathered,

feelin', feeling,

fell, very; potent; keen; harsh; sharp, intensifies; also turf

feow, few,

fess, fetch,

fillsna, does not fill,

fin', find; feel,

fit, foot; base, also fit; capable; able

fittin', fitting,

fittit, fitted,

fivver, fever,

fixtur, fixture,

flangna, did not kick; did not throw,

flee, fly (insect),

flingin', kicking; throwing,

flit, shift; remove; depart,

followt, followed,

forbeirs, ancestors; forefathers,

forby, as well; as well as; besides, also over and above

forepairt, front part, also early part (e.g. of the night)

forgettin', forgetting,

for't, for it,

fortin, fortune,

fortins, fortunes,

fowk, folk,

fra, from,

frae, from,

frae hame, away; not at home,

freely, quite; very; thoroughly,

freen', friend; relation,

freen'ly, friendly,

freens, friends; relations,

freen's, friends; relations,

fricht, frighten; scare away, also fright

frichtit, frightened; scared away,

fu', full; very; much,

fule, fool,

fules, fools,

fulish, foolish,

full, fully, also full

f'un', found,

f'undation, foundation,

furnisht, furnished,

furreign, foreign,

furth, forth,

fut, foot,

futur, future,

gae, gave,

ga'e, gave,

gaed, went,

gaedna, did not go,

gaein', going,

gaein's, goings,

gairden, garden,

gait, way; fashion, also route; street

gaither, gather,

gaitherin', gathering,

gane, gone,

gang, go; goes; depart; walk,

gangin', going; walking,

gangin's, goings,

gangs, goes; walks,

gar, cause; make; compel,

gars, makes; causes; compels,

gat, got,

gauin', going,

gein, if; as if; then; whether, also given

German Ocean,, old reference to the English Channel & North Sea

gether, gather,

gethert, gathered,

gettin', getting,

gey, fairly; considerable,

ghaist, ghost; soul; spirit,

ghaists, ghosts; spirits; souls,

gie, give,

gied, gave,

giedst, gave; gaveth (King James style),

giein', giving,

gien, if; as if; then; whether, also given

gi'en, given,

gies, gives,

gie's, gives; give us; give his,

gie't, give it,

girn, grimace; snarl; twist the features,

girned, grimaced; snarled; twisted features, also found fault

girnin', grimacing; snarling,

git, get; acquire,

glaid, glad,

glaidness, gladness,

glaiss, glass,

gleg, quick; lively; smart; quick-witted,

glimp, glimpse; glance, also the least degree

gloamin', twilight; dusk,

glower, stare; gaze; scowl,

glowered, stared; gazed; scowled,

glowert, stared; gazed; scowled,

gluves, gloves,


goin', going,

gowk, cuckoo; fool; blockhead,

gran', grand; capital; first-rate,

gran'child, grandchild,

gran'er, grander,

gran'father, grandfather,

grantin', granting,

grâtis, free; gratuitous,

greit, cry; weep,

greitin', crying; weeping,

grip, grasp; understand,

grippin', gripping,

grit, great,

grit-gran'mother-tongue, great grandmother-tongue,

groanin', groaning,

growin', growing,

grue, feeling of horror; tremor, also tremble

gruntin', grunting,

grup, grip; grasp,

grutch, grudge,

gude, good, also God

gudeman, master; husband; head of household, also farmer

gudewife, mistress of the house; wife, also farmer's wife

guid, good, also God

guidman, master; husband; head of household, also farmer

guidwife, mistress of the house; wife, also farmer's wife

gurly, threatening to be stormy, also growling; boisterous

ha', have, also hall; house

hadna, had not,

hae, have; has,

ha'e, have,

haein', having,

haena, have not,

hae't, have it,

haibitable, habitable,

haill, whole,

hailstanes, hailstones,

Haith!,Faith!, exclamation of surprise

halesome, wholesome; pure,

half-ways, half; partly,

hame, home,

hame-like, like home,

han', hand,

handiwark, handiwork,

handy, near by; close at hand,

han'fu', handful,

hangin', hanging,

hangt, hanged,

han'led, handled; treated,

han'let, handled,

han'lin', handling,

han's, hands,

han'some, handsome,

hantle, much; large quantity; far,

happed, happened,

happent, happened,

h'ard, heard,

hardenin', hardening,

hasna, does not have,

hathenish, heathenish,

haud, hold; keep,

hauden, held; kept,

haudin', holding; keeping,

hauds, holds; keeps,

haud's, hold us; keep us, also hold his; keep his

h'aven, heaven,

h'avenly, heavenly,

h'avens, heavens,

hawt, hawked; cleared the throat, also hesitated

healin', healing,

heap, very much, also heap

hearin', hearing,

hearken, hearken; hear; listen,

hearkenin', hearkening; listening,

hearkent, hearkened; heard; listened,

hearkin', hearkening; listening,

heels ower heid, topsy-turvy,

heicher, higher,

heid, head; heading,

heids, heads; headings,

heild, held,

helpit, helped,

herd, herd-boy; cow-boy, also herd

herd-laddie, herd-boy; cow-boy,

hermonious, harmonious,

hermony, harmony,

hersel', herself,

hert, heart,

hertbrak, heartbreak,

hert-brak, heartbreak,

hertily, heartily,

herts, hearts,

het, hot; burning,

hidin', hiding,

hielan's, highlands,

himsel', himself,

hin'er, hinder,

hing, hang,

hingin', hanging,

hit, it, emphatic

hiz, us, emphatic

honourt, honoured,

hoo, how,

hooever, however,

hoor, hour,

hoose, house,

hoosekeep, keep house,

hoosekeeper, housekeeper,

hoot, pshaw, exclamation of doubt or contempt

hoots, pshaw, exclamation of doubt or contempt

hose, stocking,

houp, hope,

houpless, hopeless,

howk, dig; excavate,

howkit, dug; excavated,

howlin', howling,

hoydenish, inelegantly,

hue, look; appearance,

hummt, stammered; spoke hesitatingly, also murmured

hungert, starved,

i', in; into,

I doobt,I know; I suspect,

ilk, every; each, also common; ordinary

ilka, every; each, also common; ordinary

ill, bad; evil; hard; harsh; badly, also misfortune; harm

'ill, will,

ill-mainnert, ill-mannered,

ill-pleast, not pleased; unhappy,

ill-used, used wrongly,

ill-usin', using wrongly,

'im, him,

implorin', imploring,

impruvt, improved,

in the sulks, sullen,

ineequities, iniquities,

ingle-neuk, chimney-corner or recess; fireside,

inquirin', inquiring,

intendit, intended


intil, into; in; within,

intil't, into it,

inveesible, invisible,

ir, are,

isna, is not,

is't, is it,

i'stead, instead,

ither, other; another; further,

ithers, others,

itherwise, otherwise,

it'll, it will,

itsel', itself,

jaud, lass; girl; worthless woman, old worn-out horse

jeally, jelly,

jeedge, judge,

jeedges, judges,

jeedgment, judgement,

j'in, join,

jist, just,

justifee, justify,

justifeein', justifying,

keek, look; peep; spy,

keepin', keeping,

keepit, kept,

ken, know; be acquainted with; recognise,

kenna, do not know,

kenned, known; knew,

kennin', knowing,

kens, knows,

kent, known; knew,

killin', killing,

kin, kind; nature; sort; agreeable, also somewhat; in some degree; kin

kin', kind; nature; sort; agreeable, also somewhat; in some degree

kin'ness, kindness,

kirk, church,

kirk-session, lowest Presbyterian Church court, has spiritual oversight of the congregation

kirk-time, time to go to church,

kirkyard, churchyard,

kissin', kissing,

kist, chest; coffer; box; chest of drawers,

knockin', knocking,

knockit, knocked,

lad, boy, term of commendation or reverence

laddie, boy, term of affection

laddies, boys, term of affection

lads, boys, term of commendation or reverence

laich, low; inferior,

laichest, lowest,

lairger, larger,

laistit, lasted,


lan', land; country; ground,

lane, lone; alone; lonely; solitary,

lanely, lonely,

lanesome, lonesome,

lang, long; big; large; many, also slow; tedious

langer, longer,

lang's, long as,

lan'lord, landlord,

lass, girl; young woman, term of address

lasses, girls; young women,

lassie, girl, term of endearment

lat, let; allow,

latna, let not; do not let,

lat's, let's; let us; let his,

latten, let; allowed,

lattin', letting; allowing,

lauch, laugh,

lauchin', laughing,

lauchs, laughs,

lave, rest; remainder; others, also leave

laverock, lark (type of bird),

lay't, lay it,

lea', leave,

learnin', learning, also teaching

learnit, learned,

learnt, learned, also taught

leavin', leaving,

leddy, lady, also boy; lad; laddy

leddyship, ladyship,

leeberty, liberty,

lees, lies,

leevin', living; living being,

leevit, lived,

len'th, length,

leuch, laughed,

ley, leave,

licht, light,

lichten, lighten,

lichter, lighter,

lichtest, lightest,

lichtit, lighted,

lichts, lights,

lickin', thrashing; punishment,

lift, load; boost; lift; helping hand, also sky; heavens

liftin', lifting,

liftit, lifted,

like, like; likely to; looking as if to, also as it were; as if

likin', liking,

likit, liked,

lines, any written or printed authorities,

lippen, trust; depend on, also look after

lippent, trusted; depended on, also looked after

listenin', listening,

livin', living,

'll, will,

loaf-breid, wheaten loaf (of bread),

lockit, locked,

lodgin', lodging,

lo'e, love,

lo'ed, loved,

lo'ein', loving,

lo'es, loves,

lo'in', loving,

lood, loud,

lookin', looking,

lookit, looked,

loot, let; allowed; permitted,

losin', losing,

lovesna, does not love,

lowlan's, lowlands,

lowse, loose; free, also dishonest; immoral

ludgin', lodging,

lugs, ears,

luik, look,

luikin', looking,

luikit, looked,

luiks, looks,

luved, loved,

lyin', lying,

macker, maker; God


mainner, manner,

mair, more; greater,

mairch, march,

maist, most; almost,

'maist, almost,

maister, master; mister,

maistly, mostly; most of all,

maitter, matter,

mak, make; do,

makin', making; doing,

makker, maker; God,

maks, makes; does,

manse,Scottish minister's official residence,

mattin', matting,

maun, must; have to,

maunna, must not; may not,

mayna, may not,

meanin', meaning,

meenute, minute,

meeserable, miserable,

meetin', meeting,

mem,Ma'am; Miss; Madam,

men', mend,

men of Gotham, wise men who play the fools, reference to an English fable

men'in', mending; healing,

men'it, mended; healed,

mentiont, mentioned,

merriet, married,

merry, marry, also merry

merryin', marrying,

micht, might,

michtna, might not,

michty, mighty; God,

mickle, great; big; much; abundant; very, also important; proud; haughty

mids, midst; middle,

min', mind; recollection, also recollect; remember

minnie, mother; mommy, pet name

minnisters, ministers,

min's, minds; reminds; recollects,

mirk, darkness; gloom; night,

mirracle, miracle,

mischance, misfortune; bad luck,

mischeef, mischief; injury; harm,

misdoobt, doubt; disbelieve; suspect,

misguidit, wasted; mismanaged; ill-used,

mistak, mistake,

mither, mother,

mither-tongue, mother-tongue,


mony, many,

moo, mouth,

moo', mouth,

moo's, mouths,

moose, mouse,

mooth, mouth,

mornin', morning,

mouldy, dirty; soiled,

muckle, huge; enormous; big; great; much,

muir, moor; heath,

munelicht, moonlight,

m'untain, mountain,

murdert, murdered,

muvs, moves; affects,

my lane, on my own,

mysel', myself,

na, not; by no means,

nae, no; none; not,

naebody, nobody; no one,

naething, nothing,

naither, neither,

nait'ral, natural,

nane, none,

nat'ral, natural,

natur, nature,

natur', nature,

nearhan', nearly; almost; near by,

neb, tip; point; nib; beak,

necessar', necessary,

neebour, neighbour,

neebours, neighbours,

needsna, does not need to,

neeper, neighbour,

negleckit, neglected,

neist, next; nearest,

news, talk; gossip,

nicht, night; evening,

nigh, near; nearly,

nip, smart; squeeze; bite; pinch, also cheat; steal

no, not,

no', not,

noo, now,

nor, than; although; if, also nor

nowt, cattle; oxen,

o', of; on,

obeddience, obedience,

obeyin', obeying,

objec', object,

observt, observed,

occurrt, occurred,

offerin', offering,

ohn, without; un-, uses past participle not present progressive

on a suddent, suddenly; all of a sudden,

ony, any,

onybody, anybody; anyone,

onygait, anyway,

onything, anything,

onyw'y, anyway,

oonbelief, unbelief,

oondefent, undefended,

oongratefu', ungrateful,

oonholy, unholy,

oonlikly, unlikely,

oonseen, unseen,

oor, our,

oors, ours,

oorsels, ourselves,

oorsel's, ourselves,

oot, out,

ootside, outside,

ootward, outward,

open-hertit, open-hearted,

openin', opening,

oppresst, oppressed,

or, before; ere; until; by, also or

ordinar', ordinary; usual; natural, also custom; habit

ord'nar, ordinary; usual; natural

, also custom; habit

ord'nar', ordinary; usual; natural

, also custom; habit

oucht, anything; all, also ought

ouchtna, ought not,

ow, oh, exclamation of surprise

ower, over; upon; too,

owerbeirin', overbearing,

owercome, overcome; recover,

ower's, over us; over his,

ower't, over it,

pack, property; belongings,

pailace, palace,

pairt, part,

pairties, parties,

pairts, parts,

parin', paring; cutting off the surface,

parritch, oatmeal porridge,

partic'lar, particular,

pat, put; made,

pattren, pattern,

peacefu', peaceful,

pecooliar, peculiar,

peety, pity,

perris, parish,

perswaud, persuade,

pey, pay,

peyin', paying,

peyment, payment,

peyt, paid,

p'int, point,

plack, the smallest coin, worth 1/3 of a penny

plaguin', plaguing,

plaister, plaster,

playin', playing,

pleasin', pleasing,

pleast, pleased,

pleasur, pleasure,

pleesur, pleasure,

pluckit, plucked,

pooches, pockets,

pooer, power,

potterin', pottering,

praist, praised,

prayin', praying,

preejudice, prejudice,

preejudized, prejudiced,

preevilege, privilege,

prefar, prefer,

prejudeese, prejudice,

preparin', preparing,

preshume, presume,

press, wall-cupboard with shelves,

presses, wall-cupboards with shelves,

preten', pretend,

prevailt, prevailed,

prood, proud,

protec', protect,

providin', providing,

prowlin', prowling,

pu', pull,

pu'd, pulled,

pu'in', pulling,

puir, poor,

pullin', pulling,

pu'pit, pulpit,

pushin', pushing,

putten, put,

puttin', putting,

quaiet, quiet,

quaietly, quietly,

queston, question,

quo', swore; said; quoth,

ragin', raging,

raither, rather,

rampaugin', rampaging,

rattlin', rattling,

readin', reading,

rebukit, rebuked,

recollec', recollect,

reid, red,

reivin', plundering; robbing, also roaming; straying

remaint, remained,

repentit, repented,

resolvt, resolved,

respec', respect,

richt, right; correct, also mend

richteous, righteous,

richteousness, righteousness,

richts, rights,

rin, run,

ringin', ringing,

rinnin', running,

rist, rest,

rive, rent; tear; tug; wrench,

rizzon, reason,

rizzonable, reasonable,

rizzons, reasons,

roarin', roaring,

ro'd, road; course; way,

ro'd-side, roadside,

romage, disturbance,

romour, rumour,

roomie, little room, diminutive

roon', around; round,

rouch, rough,

rouchly, roughly,

routit, bellowed; made a loud noise, also poked about; cleared out

row, roll; wrap up; wind,

rudimen's, rudiments,

rum'lin's, rumblings,

rute, root,

's, us; his; as; is, also has

s', shall,

sacrets, secrets,

sae, so; as,

saft, muddy; soft; silly; foolish,

safter, muddier; softer; sillier,

saidna, did not say,

sair, sore; sorely; sad; hard; very; greatly, also serve

sair-hertit, sad of heart,

saitisfee, satisfy,

sall, shall,

sanct, saint,

sarks, shirts,

sattle, settle,

sattlet, settled,

sattlin, settling; deciding,

savin', saving, also except

Sawbath,Sabbath; Sunday,

Sawbath-day,Sabbath day; Sunday,

saxpence, sixpence,

say, speech; saying; proverb,

sayin', saying,

scaret, scared,

school-maister, schoolmaster,



scunnert, disgusted; loathed,

scushlin, slide; shuffle in walking,

seein', seeing,

seekin', seeking,

seemile, simile,

seemna, do not seem,

seemt, seemed,

seesna, does not see,

see't, see it,

sel', self,

sellin', selling,

semple, simple; of low birth,

sen', send,

sen'in', sending,

servan', servant,

servan's, servants,

setna, do not set,


settin', setting,

shakin', shaking,

shamefu', modest; shy; bashful,

sharper, sharper; rougher; coarser, also more clever

shaw, show; reveal, also grove

shaws, shows,

shelterin', sheltering,

shillin', shilling,

shillins, shillings,

shiverin', shivering,

shochle, shake about; joggle; stagger,

shoothers, shoulders,

shoots, shouts,

shouldna, should not,

shue, shoe,

shuit, suit,

shune, shoes,

shutten, shut,

sic, such; so; similar,

sicht, sight,

sichts, sights,

siclike, suchlike; likewise, like such a person or thing

sic-like, suchlike; likewise, like such a person or thing

sidewise, sideways,

siller, silver; money; wealth,


sin, since; ago; since then, also sin; sun

sin', since; ago; since then,

sittin', sitting,

skean dhu, knife; dirk; short-sword,

slaverin', slobbering; talking fast; flattering,

sleepit, slept,

sma', small; little; slight; narrow; young,

sma'est, smallest; littlest; slightest; narrowest,

smugglet, concealed; hid,

sodger, soldier,

some, somewhat; rather; quite; very, also some

somewhaur, somewhere,

soon', sound,

soon's, sounds,

soop, sweep; brush,

sornin', taking food or lodging; sponging, taking by force of threat

soucht, sought,

sowl, soul,

sowls, souls,

spak, spoke,

spang, leap; bound; spring; span,

spark, speck; spot; blemish; atom,

speakin', speaking,

speakna, speak not; do not speak,

speerit, spirit,

speerits, spirits,

speir, ask about; enquire; question,

speiredna, did not ask about or enquire,

speirin', asking about; enquiring; questioning,

speirt, asked about; enquired; questioned,

spellin', spelling,

speyk, speak,

speyks, speaks,

spier, ask about; enquire; question,

sp'ilt, spoiled,

stair, stairs; staircase,

stamack, stomach,

stammert, staggered; stumbled; faltered,

stan', stand; stop,

stan'in, standing,

stan'in', standing,

stan's, stands,

startit, started,

stealin', stealing,

steek, shut; close; clench, also stitch (as in clothing)

steer, stir; disturbance; commotion; fuss,

steik, shut; close; push, also stitch (as in clothing)

stick, stick; gore; butt with horns,

stickin', sticking; goring,

stiles, gates; passages over a wall,

stime, glimpse; glance; least particle, faintest form of an object

stoot, stout; healthy; strong; plucky,

stoppit, stopped,

story-buik, storybook,

strae, straw,

straicht, straight,

strak, struck,

stramash, uproar; tumult; fuss; brawl,

straucht, straighten; straight,

stren'th, strength,

stude, stood,

sud, should,

suddent, sudden; suddenly,

sudna, should not,

sune, soon; early,

suner, sooner,

sun'ert, sundered,

supposin', supposing,

sutors, shoemakers; cobblers,

swarmin', swarming,

sweir, swear,

sweirin', swearing,

swingin', swinging,

syne, ago; since; then; at that time, also in (good) time

't, it,

ta, to,

tae, toe; also tea, also the one; to

taen, taken; seized,

ta'en, taken; seized,

taibernacles, tabernacles,

taich, teach,

tak, take; seize,

takin', taking,

takna, do not take,

taks, takes; seizes,

taksna, does not take,

talkin', talking,

tane, the one,

tanneree, tannery,

tap, top; tip; head,

taucht, taught,

tauld, told,

teep, type,

teeps, types,

teetin', peeping; stealing a glance,

teetle, title,

telled, told,

tellin', telling,

tellt, told,

telt, told,

ten'ency, tendency,

ten'er, tender,

ten'erest-hertit, most tender-hearted,

thae, those; these,

than, then, also than

thankfu', thankful,

thankfu'ness, thankfulness,

thankit, thanked,

the day, today,

the morn, tomorrow,

the morn's, tomorrow is,

the nicht, tonight,

the noo, just now; now,

thegither, together,

themsel's, themselves,

thereawa', thereabouts; in that quarter,

thinkin', thinking,

thinkna, do not think,

thinksna, does not think,

this day week, in a week's time; a week from now, also a week ago

this mony a day, for some time,

thocht, thought,

thoo, thou; you (God),

thoucht, thought,

thrashen, threshed,

thraw, throw; turn; twist,

threid, thread,

threip, argue obstinately, also maintain by dint of assertion

thro't, throat,

throttlin', throttling,

throu', through,

throuw, through,

til, to; till; until; about; at; before,

till's, to his; to us,

til's, to his; to us,

til't, to it; at it,

timorsome, timorous; fearful; nervous,

tither, the other,

tod, fox,

toddlin', toddling; walking unsteadily,

toon, town; village,

toon-fowk, town folk; city folk,

toons, towns; villages,

toor, tower,

toot-moot, low muttering conversation,

touchin', touching,

traivel, travel,

traivellin', travelling,

traivels, travels,

traivelt, travelled,

tramp, trudge, also tramp

transplantit, transplanted,

travellin', travelling,

treatin', treating,

trem'lin', trembling,

tre't, treat,

trible, trouble,

tribled, troubled,

triblet, troubled,

trimlin', trembling,

trim'lin', trembling,

troth, truth; indeed, also used as an exclamation

trowth, truth; indeed, also used as an exclamation

trustit, trusted,

tryin', trying,

'tsel', itself,

tu, too; also,

tuik, took,

turnin', turning,

turnpike-stair, narrow spiral staircase,

turnt, turned,

twa, two; a few,

twalmonth, twelvemonth; year,

twasome, couple; pair,

twise, twice,

unco, unknown; odd; strange; uncouth, also very great

unco', unknown; odd; strange; uncouth, also very great

un'erstan', understand,

un'erstan'in, understanding,

un'erstan'in', understanding,

un'erstan's, understands,

un'erstan't, understood,

unlockit, unlocked,

up the stair, upstairs, also to heaven

upbringin', upbringing,

uphaud, uphold; maintain; support,

upo', upon; on to; at,

upsettin', forward; ambitious; stuck-up; proud,

uttert, uttered,

varily, verily; truly,

varra, very,

veesitation, visitation,

veesitin', visiting,

veesitit, visited,

veesits, visits,

verra, very; true; real,

v'ice, voice,

vooed, vowed,

wa', wall, also way; away

wad, would,

wadna, would not,

waitin', waiting,

waitit, waited,

wan'erin', wandering,

wantin', wanting; lacking; without; in want of,

wantit, wanted,

war, were,

wark, work; labour,

warkin', working,

warklessness, inability to work,

warks, works,

warl', world; worldly goods, also a large number

warl's, worlds,

warna, were not,

warnin', warning,

warran', warrant; guarantee,

warst, worst,

warstle, wrestle,

wa's, walls, also ways

wasna, was not,

was't, was it,

wastena, do not waste,

watter, water,

wauges, wages,

wauk, wake,

waukin', waking,

waukit, woke,

waur, worse, also spend money

wawves, waves,

wayfarin', wayfaring,

weather-cock, place where criminals were kept, reference to the church steeple

weddin', wedding,

wee, small; little; bit, also short time; while

weel, well; fine,

weel-behavet, well-behaved,

weel-kent, well-known; familiar,

weel's, well as,

weicht, weight,

weir, wear, also hedge; fence; enclosure

weirer, wearer,

wha, who,

whaever, whoever,

whan, when,

wha's, who is, also whose

whase, whose,

What for no?,Why not?,

What for?,Why?,

whate'er, whatever,

whauls, whales,

whaur, where,

whaurat, wherefore,

whaurever, wherever,

whauron, whereon,

whause, whose,

wheen, little; few; number; quantity,

whiles, sometimes; at times; now and then,

whilk, which,

whustlin', whistling,

wi', with,

willin', willing,

win, reach; gain; get; go; come,

win', wind,

winna, will not,

winnin', reaching; gaining; getting


win's, winds,

winsome, large; comely; merry,

wi'oot, without,

withoot, without,

won, reached; gained; got,

wonderin', wondering,

won'er, wonder; marvel,

won'erfu', wonderful; great; large,

won'erin', wondering,

woo', wool,

workin', working,

worryin', worrying,

wouldna, would not,

wow, woe, exclamation of wonder or grief or satisfaction

wrang, wrong; injured,

wranged, wronged,

wrangs, wrongs,

wrangt, wronged,

wringin', wringing,

writin', writing,

wud, wood; forest, adj.-enraged; angry; also would

wudna, would not; will not,

wull, will; wish; desire, also astray; stray; wild

wullin', willing; wanting,

wullin'ly, willingly,

wulls, wills; wishes; desires,

wuman, woman,

wur, lay out, also were

wuss, wish,

w'y, way,

wynds, narrow lanes or streets; alleys,

w'ys, ways,

wyte, blame; reproach; fault,

ye, you; yourself,

year, years, also year

ye'll, you will,

yer, your,

yerd, yard; garden,

ye're, you are,

yerl, earl,

yersel', yourself,

yon, that; those; that there; these,

yon'er, yonder; over there; in that place,

yon's, that is; that (thing) there is,

yoong, young,

yoonger, younger,

yoongest, youngest,

Zacchay,Zaccheus, see Luke 19

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