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SPECIAL treatises on the Person of the Holy Spirit are comparatively few, and systematic treatment of His Work is still more uncommon. In dogmatics, it is true, this subject is introduced, developed, and explained, but special treatment is exceptional.

As much as there is written on Christ, so little is there written on the Holy Spirit. The work of John Owen on this subject is most widely known and still unsurpassed. In fact, John Owen wrote three works on the Holy Spirit; published in 1674, 16821 and 1693. He was naturally, a prolific writer and theologian. Born in I6I6, he died at the good old age of seventy-five years, in 16gi. From 1642, when he published his first bpok, he continued writing books until his death.

In 1826 Richard Baynes reissued the works of John Owen, D.D., edited by Thomas Russell, A.M., with memoirs of his life and writings (twenty-one volumes). This edition is still in the market, and offers a treasury of sound and thorough theology.

Besides Owen's works I mention the following:

David Rungius, " Proof of the Eternity and Eternal Godhead pf the Holy Spirit," Wittenberg, 1599·

Seb. Nieman, "On the Holy Spirit," Jena, 1655.

Joannes Ernest Gerhard, " On the Person of the Holy Spirit," Jena, 1660.

Theod. Hackspann, " Dissertation on the Holy Spirit," Jena, I6_f 5.

J. G. Dorsche, " On the Person of the Holy Spirit," Konings-berg, 1690.

Fr. Deutsch, " On the Personality of the Holy Spirit," Leipsic, 1711.

Gottfr. Olearius (John F. Burgius), " On the Adoration and Wor· ship of the Holy Spirit," Jena, 1727.

J. F. Buddeuss, " On the Godhead of the Holy Spirit," Jena; 1727.

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