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Wol dern Menschen, der nicht wandelt


Bless’d is he who never taketh

Counsel of ungodly men!

Bless’d, the right who ne’er forsaketh,

Nor in sinners’ paths is seen,

Who the scorners’ friendship spurns,

From their seats away who turns,

Who delight in God’s word taketh,

This his meditation maketh.

Bless’d is he who pleasure taketh

In God’s laws’ most perfect way,

It is his lov’d resort who maketh

Where he lingers night and day!


Oh! His blessing blooms and grows,

As the palm where water flows,

And abroad its branches spreadeth,

And the wayworn pilgrim shadeth.

He will truly ever flourish

Who God’s word delights to do,

Air and earth alike will nourish

Him, till ripe his fruit shall grow.

Though his leaf grow old, yet he

Ever fresh and green shall be,

God success to his endeavour

Giveth, and it prospers ever.

But he who in sin’s ways goeth

Is like chaff the wind before,

When it riseth up and bloweth,

And we find it here no more.

Where the Lord His people guide,

There the godless ne’er abide,

God the faithful loves and guideth,

On the wicked wrath abideth.

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