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Nach dir, O Herr, verlanget mich



For Thee, Lord, pants my longing heart,

My hope and confidence Thou art;

My hope can never shaken be,

Nor e’er be put to shame by Thee.

Whoe’er he be that scorns Thy name,

And turns from Thee, shall come to shame;

But he who ever lives to Thee,

And loves Thee, shall untroubled be.

Accept my soul, O Lord! by grace,

And keep me right in all my ways,

And let Thy truth illumine me

Along the path that leads to Thee.

Thou art my only light below,

No other helper here I know;

I wait on Thee both night and day,

Why dost Thou, then, O Lord, delay?

Ah, Lord! now turn Thine eyes away

From paths where I have gone astray;

Of my ill ways what thinkest Thou,

That I’ve pursued from youth till now?

Remember, Thou my Guardian Lord!

Thy loving-kindness and sweet word,

Whereby Thou giv’st them comfort sweet

Who lay themselves low at Thy feet.

Who prove themselves, and sin confess,

The Lord in mercy rich will bless;

Who keep His testimonies all,

The Lord will hold them when they fall.

The heart that with the Lord is right

In grief He’ll gladden with His light,

When sunk in need, weigh’d down by loss,

Shall triumph e’en beneath the cross.

Ah! Lord, full well thou knowest me,

My spirit lives and moves in Thee;

Thou seest how my bleeding heart

Longs for the help Thou canst impart.

The griefs that now my heart oppress,

The griefs my heavy sighs express

Are great and sore, but Thou art He

To whom nought e’er too great can be.

To Thee I therefore raise mine eyes,

To Thee mine ardent longings rise—

Ah! let Thine eye now rest on me

As Thou wast wont, Lord, graciously.

And when I need supporting grace,

Turn not away from me Thy face;

May what Thou deignest to impart

Of my desires be counterpart.

The world is false, it acts a part,

Thou art my Friend, sincere in heart;

Man’s smile is only on his mouth,

Thou lovest us in deed and truth.

Foil Thou the foe, his nets all tear,

And baffle every wile and snare;

When all with me once more is well,

May gratitude my bosom swell.

Still may I in Thy fear abide,

And go right on nor turn aside;

Give single aim that honours Thee,

Smarts rather than a burden be.

Rule, Lord, and bring me unto Thee,

And other saints along with me;

Remove whate’er of ill dost find,

Renew and cleanse each heart and mind.

Wash Thou away each sinful stain,

Deliver from all grief and pain,

And lead us soon by heav’nly grace

To realms of endless joy and peace.

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