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Advent Sunday

Second Sunday in Advent — The Signs of the Times

Third Sunday in Advent — The Travellers

Fourth Sunday in Advent — Dimness

Christmas Day

St. Stephen’s Day

St. John’s Day

The Holy Innocents

First Sunday after Christmas — The Sun-dial of Ahaz

The Circumcision

Second Sunday after Christmas — The Pilgrim's Song

The Epiphany

First Sunday after Epiphany — The Nightingale

Second Sunday after Epiphany — The Secret of PerpetualYouth

Third Sunday after Epiphany — The Good Centurion

Fourth Sunday after Epiphany — The World is for Excitement, the Gospel for Soothing

Fifth Sunday after Epiphany — Cure Sin and you cure Sorrow

Sixth Sunday after Epiphany — The Benefits of Uncertainty

Septuagesima Sunday

Sexagesima Sunday

Quinquagesima Sunday

Ash Wednesday

First Sunday in Lent — The City of Refuge

Second Sunday in Lent — Esau's Forfeit

Third Sunday in Lent — The Spoils of Satan

Fourth Sunday in Lent — The Rose-bud

Fifth Sunday in Lent — The Burning Bush

Sunday next before Easter — The Children in the Temple

Monday before Easter — Christ waiting for the Cross

Tuesday before Easter — Christ refusing the wine and myrhh

Wednesday before Easter – Christ in the Garden

Thursday before Easter — The Vision of the Latter Days

Good Friday

Easter Eve

Easter Day

Monday in Easter Week — St. Peter and Cornelius

Tuesday in Easter Week — The Snow-drop

First Sunday after Easter — The restless Pastor reproved

Second Sunday after Easter — Balaam

Third Sunday after Easter — Langour and Travail

Fourth Sunday after Easter — The Dove on the Cross

Fifth Sunday after Easter — The Priest’s Intercessor

Ascension Day

Sunday after Ascension Day — Seed time


Monday in Whitsun-week — The City of Confusion

Tuesday in Whitsun-week — Holy Orders

Trinity Sunday

First Sunday after Trinity — Israel among the ruins of Canaan

Second Sunday after Trinity — Charity the Life of Faith

Third Sunday after Trinity — Comfort for Sinners in the Presence of the Good

Fourth Sunday after Trinity — The Groans of Nature

Fifth Sunday after Trinity — The Fishermen of Bethsaida

Sixth Sunday after Trinity — The Psalmist repenting

Seventh Sunday after Trinity — The Feast in the Wilderness

Eighth Sunday after Trinity — The Disobedient Prophet

Ninth Sunday after Trinity — Elijah in Horeb

Tenth Sunday after Trinity — Christ weeping over Jerusalem

Eleventh Sunday after Trinity — Gehazi reproved

Twelfth Sunday after Trinity — The Deaf and Dumb

Thirteenth Sunday after Trinity — Moses on the Mount

Fourteenth Sunday after Trinity — The Ten Lepers

Fifteenth Sunday after Trinity — The Flowers of the Field

Sixteenth Sunday after Trinity — Hope is better than Ease

Seventeenth Sunday after Trinity — Ezekiel’s Vision in the Temple

Eighteenth Sunday after Trinity — The Church in the Wilderness

Nineteenth Sunday after Trinity — Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego

Twentieth Sunday after Trinity — Mountain Scenery

Twenty-first Sunday after Trinity — The Red-breast in September

Twenty-second Sunday after Trinity — The Rule of Christian forgiveness

Twenty-third Sunday after Trinity — Forest Leaves in Autumn

Twenty-fourth Sunday after Trinity — Imperfection of Human Sympathy

Twenty-fifth Sunday after Trinity — The two Rainbows

Sunday next before Advent — Self-examination before Advent

St. Andrew’s Day

St. Thomas the Apostle

Conversion of St. Paul

Purification of St. Mary the Virgin

St. Matthias’ Day

Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

St. Mark’s Day

St. Philip and St. James’ Day

St. Barnabas the Apostle

St. John Baptist’s Day

St. Peter’s Day

St. James the Apostle

St. Bartholomew the Apostle

St. Matthew the Apostle

St. Michael and all Angels

St. Luke the Evangelist

St. Simon and St. Jude, Apostles

All Saints’ Day

Holy Communion

Holy Baptism




Visitation and Communion of the Sick

Burial of the Dead

Churching of Women


Forms of Prayer to Be Used at Sea

Gunpowder Treason

King Charles the Martyr

The Restoration of the Royal Family

The Accession


Index of First Lines


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