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Chapter XXI

Discourse on the Last Days

SummaryThe Widow's Mites. The Question Concerning the Overthrow of the Temple. The Woes Coming Upon the Jewish Nation Foretold. The Signs That Shall Precede the Last Day.

1–4. Saw the rich men that were casting their gifts. For notes on the Widow's Mites, see Mark 12:41–44.

5–33. When shall these things be? This discourse to the disciples on the Overthrow of the Temple, Jerusalem, the Jewish Nation and the Second Coming of our Lord, is reported here, in Mark, chapter 13, and in Matthew, chapter 24. Matthew's account is much the fullest, where see notes. Not a hair of your head shall perish. You shall be in the Father's hand, saved, even if put to death, 306gaining eternally by suffering. When ye see Jerusalem compassed with armies. Matthew says: “The abomination of desolation” instead of “Jerusalem compassed with armies.” See notes on Matt. 24:15. This was the warning to Christians to flee. In the first attack the Romans, under Cestus Gallus, were beaten off and retreated. The Christians then left the city. And Jerusalem shall be trodden down of the Gentiles. It has been ever since its destruction. It has been held by the Romans, the Parthians, the Saracens, the Crusaders and the Turks, but never by the Jews. There shall be signs in the sun. See notes on Matt. 24:27–31. This generation shall not pass away. See notes on Matt. 24:34, 35. The word race instead of generation gives the meaning. 307

34–36. Take heed to yourselves. The words here, but not the ideas, are peculiar to Luke. See notes on Matt. 24:37–51.

37. Lodged in the mount … of Olives. At Bethany, I suppose, on the eastern slope, until the night he was betrayed. See Matt. 21:17.

38. All the people came. All the accounts indicate the intense interest shown by the people in his teachings during this last week. The Lord taught in the temple by day, but spent the nights at Bethany or on the Mount of Olives. 307

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