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Chapter VIII

Speaking in Parables

SummaryWomen Ministering to Christ. The Parable of the Sower. That of a Candle Under a Bed. His Mother and Brethren. The Storm on the Sea. In the Country of the Gadarenes. The Devils and the Swine. The Daughter of Jairus Raised. The Woman with the Bloody Issue Healed.

1. He went throughout every city and village. A thorough missionary tour of Galilee. 254

2. And certain women. That these women should attend the footsteps of Christ was opposed to the custom of Palestine. The admixture of the sexes was not common. The rabbis held that the law should not be taught to women. Mary that was called Magdalene. That is, of Magdala, a village near the Sea of Galilee. This is the first mention of her and we know nothing more of her preceding history. We know that after this she was one of the most devoted friends of Christ. Seven devils. For notes on demoniac possession see Matt. 8:29.

3. Joanna the wife of Chuza. Nothing more is known of her. As her husband held a very responsible position, she must have been a woman of wealth and influence. Herod. Herod Antipas. See notes on Matt. 2:1. Susanna. Not named elsewhere. Ministered unto him. Contributed to his support. They used their means to support Jesus and the apostles while preaching.

4–15. A sower went forth to sow. See notes on Matt. 13:3–23; Mark 4:1. 255

16–18. When he hath lighted a candle. See notes on Matt. 5:15 and Mark 4:21–25. Mark says, “Take heed what you hear;” Luke, “how you hear.” What we hear depends on how we hear; i. e., our attention and honesty.

19–21. Then came to him his mother. See notes on Matt. 12:46–50; Mark 3:21. 256

22–25. For notes on Stilling the Tempest, see Matt. 8:23–27 and Mark 4:35–41.

26–39. A certain man who had devils. For notes on the cure of the Gadarene demoniac, see Matt. 8:28–34; Mark 5:1–21. 257

40–56. A man named Jairus. For the miracles of raising from the dead the daughter of Jairus, and the healing of the woman with the bloody issue, see Matt. 9:18–26 and the notes; also Mark 5:22–42. This was the second instance of the Lord raising the dead. 258

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