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Chapter XI

The Royal Entrance into Jerusalem

SummaryThe Official Entrance into Jerusalem. The Barren Fig Tree Cursed. The Second Cleansing of the Temple. The Indignation of the Jewish Rulers. The Power of Faith. The Demand of the Rulers for His Authority. Their Mouths Closed by a Question Concerning the Baptism of John.

1–10. When they came nigh to Jerusalem. On the Sunday before the Lord's suffering. He had 200passed the Sabbath at Bethany. We have four accounts of this entry into Jerusalem: here; Matt. 21:1–11; Luke 19:21–44; John 12:12–19. For notes, see Matt. 21:1–11.

11. He went out to Bethany with the twelve. After entering the city and temple and observing the condition of things within the sacred building he retired to Bethany for the night. As far as we know he passed all his nights of the last week of his earthly life at Bethany, save Thursday, perhaps to avoid the rulers in the hours of rest and to have an opportunity for private conference with his disciples, which he could not have in crowded Jerusalem. Besides, he had loving friends at Bethany, who delighted to have him under their roof.

12–14. And on the morrow, when they were come out from Bethany, he hungered. etc. See notes on Matt. 21:17–22.

15–19. Jesus went into the temple. For notes on this cleansing of the temple see Matt. 21:12, 13. Compare Luke 19:45–48. 201

20–24. They saw the fig tree dried up. See notes on Matt. 21:19–22. Mark adds the fact, not stated by Matthew, that this language was spoken the day after the tree was cursed. Believe that ye receive them. That they are yours from the time you ask for them.

25. When ye stand praying, forgive. This is one of the conditions of prevailing prayer. See notes on Matt. 5:23, 24.

27–33. And they come again to Jerusalem. On Tuesday. On Sunday the Lord entered officially. On Monday he cleansed the temple, and cursed the fig tree. On Tuesday his disciples called attention to the withered fig tree, and he again entered the city. There a delegation of the rulers demanded by what authority he had driven out the money changers the day before. For notes on his answer and what follows, see Matt. 21:23–27. Compare Luke 20:1–8. 202

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