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IX. In Macedonia

  1. Amphipolis: Thirty-three miles from Philippi, and three miles from the Ægean Sea, visited by Paul (Acts 17:1).
  2. Apollonia: A city thirty miles from Amphipolis, where Paul remained one day (Acts 17:1).
  3. Berea: A small city on the eastern side of Mount Olympus, where Paul preached, and where the people examined the Scriptures to see if his preaching was true (Acts 17:10–13).
  4. Philippi: A flourishing city nine miles from the Ægean Sea, celebrated as the first foothold of the gospel in Europe (Acts 16:12–40).
  5. Thessalonica: At the head of the Thermaic Gulf; an important commercial centre, and the scene of Paul's labor (Acts 17:1–9).
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