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I. In Judæa

  1. Azotus: Near the Mediterranean; the ancient Ashod, visited by Philip (Acts 8:40).
  2. Bethlehem: Six miles south of Jerusalem; the birthplace of Jesus (Matt. 2:1).
  3. Bethany: Near Jerusalem, on a slope of the Mount of Olives; the home of Mary, Martha, and Lazarus (John 12:1).
  4. Gaza: Near the Mediterranean, to which a road led from Jerusalem (Acts 8:26).
  5. Emmaus: Four miles south of Jerusalem; the place to which the two disciples were walking when joined by Jesus (Luke 24:13).
  6. Joppa: On the Mediterranean; the port of Jerusalem where Peter saw a vision (Acts 11:5).
  7. Jericho: In the valley of the Jordan, where Jesus restored sight to Bartimæus (Mark 10:46).
  8. Jerusalem: The Holy City where all the great feasts were held (Luke 2:41).
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