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Manuscripts Of The Dark Night


Book The First

Book The Second

Chapter I. Which begins to treat of the dark nights of the spirit and says at what time it begins.

Chapter II. Describes other imperfections which belong to these proficients.

Chapter III. Annotation for that which follows.

Chapter IV. Sets down the first stanza and the exposition thereof.

Chapter V. Sets down the first line and begins to explain how this dark contemplation is not only night for the soul but is also grief and torment.

Chapter VI. Of other kinds of pain that the soul suffers in this night.

Chapter VII. Continues the same matter and considers other afflictions end constraints of the will.

Chapter VIII. Of other pains which afflict the soul in this state.

Chapter IX. How, although this night brings darkness to the spirit, it does so in order to illumine it and give it light.

Chapter X. Explains this purgation fully by a comparison.

Chapter XI. Begins to explain the second line of the first stanza. Describes how, as the fruit of these rigorous constraints, the soul finds itself with the vehement passion of Divine love.

Chapter XII. Shows how this horrible night is purgatory, and how in it the Divine wisdom illumines men on earth with the same illumination that purges and illumines the angels in Heaven.

Chapter XIII. Of other delectable effects which are wrought in the soul by this dark night of contemplation.

Chapter XIV. Wherein are set down and explained the last three lines of the first stanza.

Chapter XV. Sets down the second stanza and its exposition.

Chapter XVI. Explains how, though in darkness, the soul walks securely.

Chapter XVII. Explains how this dark contemplation is secret.

Chapter XVIII. Explains how this secret wisdom is likewise a ladder.

Chapter XIX. Begins to explain the ten steps of the mystic ladder of Divine love, according to Saint Bernard and Saint Thomas. The first five are here treated.

Chapter XX. Wherein are treated the other five steps of love.

Chapter XXI. Which explains the word ‘disguised,’ and describes the colours of the disguise of the soul in this night.

Chapter XXII. Explains the third line of the second stanza.

Chapter XXIII. Expounds the fourth line and describes the wondrous hiding place wherein the soul is set during this night. Shows how, although the devil has an entrance into other places that are very high, he has none into this.

Chapter XXIV. Completes the explanation of the second stanza.

Chapter XXV. Wherein is expounded the third stanza.



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