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Ps 122:1-9. This Psalm might well express the sacred joy of the pilgrims on entering the holy city, where praise, as the religious as well as civil metropolis, is celebrated, and for whose prosperity, as representing the Church, prayer is offered.

1, 2. Our feet shall stand—literally, "are standing."

2. gates—(Compare Ps 9:14; 87:2).

3-5. compact together—all parts united, as in David's time.

4. testimony—If "unto" is supplied, this may denote the ark (Ex 25:10-21); otherwise the act of going is denoted, called a testimony in allusion to the requisition (De 16:16), with which it was a compliance.

5. there are set thrones—or, "do sit, thrones," used for the occupants, David's sons (2Sa 8:18).

6, 7. Let peace—including prosperity, everywhere prevail.

8, 9. In the welfare of the city, as its civil, and especially the religious relations, was involved that of Israel.

now—as in Ps 115:2.

9. Let me say—house of … God—in wider sense, the Church, whose welfare would be promoted by the good of Jerusalem.

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