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Ps 115:1-18. The Psalmist prays that God would vindicate His glory, which is contrasted with the vanity of idols, while the folly of their worshippers is contrasted with the trust of God's people, who are encouraged to its exercise and to unite in the praise which it occasions.

1-3. The vindication of God's mercy and faithfulness (Ps 25:10; 36:6) is the "glory" of His "name," which is desired to be illustrated in the deliverance of His people, as the implied mode of its manifestation. In view of the taunts of the heathen, faith in His dominion as enthroned in the heaven (Ps 2:4; 11:4) is avowed.

2. Where is now, &c.—"now" is "not a particle of time, but of entreaty," as in our forms of speech, "Come now," "See now," &c.

4-7. (Compare Isa 40:18-20; 44:9-20).

7. speak … throat—literally, "mutter," not even utter articulate sounds.

8. every one that trusteth—they who trust, whether makers or not.

9-13. The repetitions imply earnestness.

14. Opposed to the decrease pending and during the captivity.

15-17. They were not only God's peculiar people, but as living inhabitants of earth, assigned the work of His praise as monuments of divine power, wisdom, and goodness.

18. Hence let us fulfil the purpose of our creation, and evermore show forth His praise.

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