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Ps 140:1-13. The style of this Psalm resembles those of David in the former part of the book, presenting the usual complaint, prayer, and confident hope of relief.

1. evil man—Which of David's enemies is meant is not important.

2-5. This character of the wicked, and the devices planned against the pious, correspond to Ps 10:7; 31:13; 58:4, &c.

3. sharpened … like a serpent—not like a serpent does, but they are thus like a serpent in cunning and venom.

5. snare [and] net—for threatening dangers (compare Ps 38:12; 57:6).

6. (Compare Ps 5:1-12; 16:2).

7. day of battle—literally, "of armor," that is, when using it.

8. (Compare Ps 37:12; 66:7).

lest they exalt themselves—or, they will be exalted if permitted to prosper.

9. Contrasts his head covered by God (Ps 140:7) with theirs, or (as "head" may be used for "persons") with them, covered with the results of their wicked deeds (Ps 7:16).

10. (Compare Ps 11:6; 120:4).

cast into the fire; into deep pits—figures for utter destruction.

11. an evil speaker—or, "slanderer" will not be tolerated (Ps 101:7). The last clause may be translated: "an evil (man) He (God) shall hunt," &c.

12. (Compare Ps 9:4).

13. After all changes, the righteous shall have cause for praise. Such

shall dwell—shall sit securely, under God's protection (Ps 21:6; 41:12).

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