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Ps 150:1-6. This is a suitable doxology for the whole book, reciting the "place, theme, mode, and extent of God's high praise."

1. in his sanctuary—on earth.

firmament of his power—which illustrates His power.

2. mighty acts—(Ps 145:4).

excellent greatness—or, abundance of greatness.

3, 4. trumpet—used to call religious assemblies;

4. organs—or pipe, a wind instrument, and the others were used in worship.

5. cymbals—suited to loud praise (Ne 12:27).

6. Living voices shall take up the failing sounds of dead instruments, and as they cease on earth, those of intelligent ransomed spirits and holy angels, as with the sound of mighty thunders, will prolong eternally the praise, saying: "Alleluia! Salvation, and Glory, and Honor, and Power, unto the Lord our God;" "Alleluia! for the Lord God omnipotent reigneth." Amen!

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