Abstinence, Constitutions about to be praised

Adam, Sin of

Addition, Second, in Second Week

Additions, Changes in Fourth Week

— Changes in Second Week

— Changes in Third Week

— for Exercises

— for Particular Examen

— if observed diligently

Alms, How to distribute

Angel of light, Satan makes himself like

Angel, See Satan

Angels, Sin of


Bed, before going to sleep in

Blessed, No comparison of living persons with

Bread, Rules for eating

Candles in churches to be praised

Christ as Man, Colloquy to

— Triple Colloquy of First Week to

Christ, Description of

— Imitated in eating

Church, Fourth Addition not to be made in

— ornaments and buildings to be praised

— precepts to be praised

— rules for thinking with

— same spirit as Christ

Colloquy, How made

— of mercy, at end of Second Exercise

— on Hell

— on the Kingdom of Christ

— Triple

— Triple, after Three Manners of Humility

— Triple, after Three Pairs

— Triple, in First Week

— Triple, of the Two Standards

Comforts, in Fourth Week

Commandments, First Method of Prayer on the

Communion at end of First Week

— to be praised

Composition of place, How to make

Confession, General

— to be praised

Consolation, How to act in

— if wanting in the Exercises

— office of Christ in Fourth Week

— Spiritual, description of

— to be prepared for in desolation

— When to explain Rules of discernment of spirits in

— without cause

Contempt, Christ urges us to desire

Continence to be praised

Contumely, Christ urges us to desire

Courage in beginning the Exercises

— under desolation

Creatures, End of

Cruzadas to be praised

Daybreak, First and Second Additions at

Death considered in distributing alms

— Election such as will please at point of


Desolation, Causes of

— How to act in

— How to treat exercitant

— if absent in the Exercises

— Spiritual, description of

— When to explain Rules of discernment of spirits in

Director, How to give Exercises

— action of if there are no spiritual movements

— not to influence to vow or state of life

— to know spirits

Discernment of spirits, Rules for

— When Rules are to be explained for

Disposition determines Exercises to be given

Doctors, Positive and Scholastic

Drink, Rules for

Eating, Penance in

— Rules for

Education determines Exercises to be given

Election, Matters for

— Preamble to

— Prelude to

— sometimes made over again

— Times for making

— Ways for making

— When begun

Ember Days fast to be praised

End of man considered in distributing alms

— to be kept in view in determining reform

— to be kept in view in election

Examen, General

— Particular

— Particular, in First and other Weeks

— Particular, in Third Week

— Particular, Subject of

Exercise, full hour given to

— over the hour in desolation

Exercises, Duration of the, about thirty days

— hours after Three Pairs

— hours of in Second Week

— how to be proposed by director

— lengthening and shortening of, in Third Week

— not to be concerned about future

— number of, in Fourth Week

— number of, in Third Week

— number of, just before Election

— Spiritual, meaning of

— to be suited to Exercitant

Eyes to be restrained

Fasts, Constitutions about, to be praised

Fear, filial and servile, helps

Flesh, penance of

Food, Quality and quantity of


Generosity on beginning the Exercises

God, comparison of myself with, What He is

Good, What to do when tempted under appearance of

Gospels, in Weeks after First

Grace, How to talk about

Hell, Meditation on

Honor, a temptation to ambition

Humility, Christ urges to

— how reached

— in consolation

— Three Manners of

Hymns to be praised

Idle words, when sinful

Illuminative life, Rules to Explain

Images to be praised

Imitation of Christ, in Weeks after First



Indulgences to be praised

Intellect, Exercises of the, in Meditation

Judgment, Day of, to be considered in distributing alms

Judgment, Election such as will please at Day of

Kingdom of Christ

Laughter, when not to be indulged in

Learning, Positive and Scholastic to be praised

Lenten fast to be praised

Liberty not to be discarded in favor of grace

Light, how to manage in Second Week

— to be shut out in First Week

— to be used in Fourth Week

Love consists in interchange

— contemplation to gain

Lucifer, description of

Man, End of

Marriage not to be praised as much as virginity

Mary, Apparition to

— Blessed Virgin, Triple Colloquy of First Week to

— Colloquy to

— Imitation of

Mass during Exercises

— hearing of to be praised

Memory, Exercise of in Meditation

Midnight, First and Second Additions at

— Meditation sometimes omitted in Second Week



Oath, Kind allowed

Office, Divine, to he praised

Orders, Religious, to be praised

Pairs, Three

Patience to be practised in desolation

Penance in Fourth Week

— in Second Week

— Kind and purpose of

Penances to be praised

Perfection to be praised

Pilgrimages to be praised

Points, extra, in Fourth Week

— extra, in Third Week

— how to be given

— in Second Week

— to be prearranged

Posture in Meditation

Poverty, Christ urges us to desire

— What to do in tendency against

Powers, Three, how exercised

Prayer, First Method of

— Second Method of

Prayers, Long, to be praised

— Third Method of

— Three Methods of

Predestination, How to talk about

Prelude, First, How to make

— Second, What to ask for

Preludes in Weeks after First

Preparatory Prayer before every meditation

— — unchanged

Presence of God, Act before meditation


Pride a temptation


Psalms to be praised

Purgative Life, Rules to explain

Purpose of Exercises

Reading not beyond matter of the time

Reform, How to determine

Relics to be praised

Religious Life, caution about making vow during Exercises


— How to Make

Repetition in Third Week

Repugnance to Poverty, What to do in

Retreat during Exercises

Reverence more called for in acts of the will

Review of Exercise

Rhythm, Third Method of Prayer

Riches, a temptation

Saints’ lives considered

— — in weeks after First

Satan acting on souls

— attacks on weakest side

— fights against consolation

Scruples, Rules for

Secrecy to be avoided in desolation

Self-love, Progress measured by abandoning

Senses, Application of

— First Method of Prayer

Sin, First, Second and Third, Exercise on

— Mortal and Venial

— Of Angels, Adam, Particular

Sins, Exercise on personal

— First Method of Prayer on Deadly

Sleep, Before going to

— Penance in

Solitude recommended

Soul of Christ, Triple Colloquy of First Week

Spirits, Discernment of

— Movement during Exercises

— When Rules of Discernment of to be explained

Spirit, What to do when tempted under appearance of good

Standards, The Two

States, Preamble to consider

Stations to be praised

Summary of a Meditation

Superiors’ Recommendations to be obeyed

— to be approved of


Temperance in Fourth Week

Temptation, what to do in gross

Tendencies, Disordered, to be got rid of

Tendency against poverty

— disordered, absent from divine vocation

— — in distributing alms

— — to be opposed

Thinking with the Church, Rules for

Thought during Second Week

Thought, Kindred, in Fourth Week

— — in Second Week

— — in Third Week

— — to meditation on Waking

Thought, Sin of

Thoughts to be kindred to matter of Exercises

Vespers during Exercises

Vigils, fast of, to be praised

Virginity to be praised

Vocation, divine, always clear and pure

Vow, about what matter

— caution on, during Exercises

Vows to he praised

Week, First, Matter of

— — Purpose of

— Fourth

— — Method of

— — Matter of

— — Mysteries

— Second

— — lengthening and shortening

— — matter of

— — Mysteries


— — Matter of

— — Method of

— — Mysteries

Weeks of the Exercises

Will, Exercise of in Meditation

— Reverence more called for in acts of

Word, Sin of

Works, How to talk about

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