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Nach dir, O Herr, verlanget mich.--(Goed. 91.)

Based on Psalm XXV. Appeared in Crü. Praxis, 1648, no. 276.

English Version:
1. For thee, Lord, pants my longing heart,
My hope and confidence Thou art;
My hope can never shaken be,
Nor e'er be put to shame by Thee.

A full translation by J. Kelly, 1867, p. 88. This is one of the best pieces of interpretation as regards harmony and rhythm and the spirit of the original, that he has given us. Kelly is at his best in rendering the "long metre" hymns (cf. Goed. 260, 287, etc.). Stanza 9 is especially noteworthy:

Nun, Herr, ich bin dir wolbekannt,
Mein Geist, der schwebt in deiner Hand;
Du siehst, wie meine Seele thränt
Und sich nach deiner Hülfe selint.
  Ah! Lord full well Thou knowest me,
My spirit lives and moves in Thee;
Thou seest how my bleeding heart
Longs for the help Thou canst impart.
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