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O Gott, mein Schöpfer, edler Fürst.--(Goed. 81.)

Based on the Apocryphal book Sirach, XXIII 1-6. It appeared in Crü. Praxis, 1648, no. 248.

English Versions:
1. Creator, Father, Prince of might!
Who life to me art giving,
Unless Thou guid'st my life aright
In vain here am I living.
For while I'm living I am dead,
To sin devoted ever;
Whose life in mire of sin is led,
The true life he hath never
Beheld one moment even.
J. Kelly, 1867, p. 109.
2. God, my Creator, and my Lord,
Thou Father of my spirit,
To me thy constant grace afford,
Or life--I well may fear it:--
Nay, e'en while living were I dead,
And in my sins must perish;
Whose with Christ, the living bread,
Shall fail his soul to nourish,
Must sink to death eternal.
Dr. H. Mills in his Horae Germanicae, 1856.
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