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Zweierlei bitt ich von dir.--(Goed. 80.)

Appeared in Crü. Praxis, 1648, no. 240. Based on Proverbs, XXX, 7-9.

English Versions:
1. Twofold, Father, is my pray'r,
Twofold the desire I there
Lay before Thee, who dost give
What's good for us to receive;
Grant the pray'r that Thou dost know,
Ere my soul to Thee must go
From the body's bands below.
J. Kelly, 1867, p. 107.

The rhyme of the German has offered great difficulties in the last three lines of each stanza. The translator's success in meeting this obstacle has been indifferent. Cf.:

stanza 2 stanza 3 stanza 4 stanza 5 stanza 6
poverty mood swell artifice graciously
may good well practices me
lay bestowed extol is be
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